Fire On The Horizon want our project to be more directed at rebellion on ‘prison island’ (so called territory of the UK, Great Britain, Ireland, whatever nationalist identity they want to call it!) We welcome any contributions that might not necessary be connected to this area of the world but would incite insurrection, direct action, incendiary attacks, rioting, arson, vandalism, sabotage, expropriation etc in this grey society that needs to burn.

Send us communiques, responsibility claims, anti-social rantings, incendiary poetry, info on uncontrollable attacks, insurrectionary texts, illegallist raids, just saw someone smash some shit up or burn out the cops from their holes? Then let us know! Just make sure you keep it safe, use a throw away email account, contact us from an internet cafe, or use an encrypted email, definitely use Tor!

Email: fire_on_the_horizon(at)riseup(dot)net