Dublin: Oberstown in ‘lock-down’ again overnight after further riot by youth

Fire To Oberstown!: The scene from afar last August

Fire To Oberstown!: The scene from afar last August

A group of youths understood to include those who were part of the riot that led to the fire and destruction of one part of the Irish prison in August were involved in a ‘barricade’ situation. The riot started yesterday afternoon after a young man was taken to hospital suffering from a suspected drugs overdose.

The authorities at the prison were unable to prevent serious damage being caused to one of the remaining wings of the prison which is supposed to hold up to 90 inmates but is thought to contain only between 30 and 40 now.

Since the €56m prison opened in January last year, there have been dozens of attacks on screws leading to high levels of sickness leave.

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YOI Brinsford: Head screw beaten by youth prisoner put on isolation unit

A head screw has been attacked by an inmate after being isolated in a segregation unit. The woman, who has not been named, was speaking to a prisoner at Brinsford Young Offenders Institution near Wolverthampton, when she was attacked and beaten. Her injuries were described as ‘nasty’ and she required hospital treatment. The experienced officer was punched by the inmate in the CSU – ‘the Care and Separation Unit’ a name given to the isolation unit used to punish prisoners who cause too much disturbance in the main prison. Three other officers were also injured in the same incident.

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HMP Lincoln: Screw taken hostage and beaten as ‘riot spirals out of control’

As the heat starts to rise in prisons on the prison island, a prison guard was reportedly taken hostage and beaten by inmates after a riot broke out at a jail in Lincolnshire last Wednesday. (14th Sept) Riot cops were called to HMP Lincoln where prisoners were “going mad” and smashing up the building. Several security vans of scum Geoamey surrounded the prison and it’s understood that inmates have been moved.

An prisoner from C-Wing, who did not want to be named, called the local media claiming that three prisoners had taken a screw hostage and that there was an ongoing riot.

“They have got him in a cell – it’s a hostage situation. I heard them shouting ‘We’ve got him, we’ve got him’. They were punching him and kicking him – he was all red. Everyone’s rioting going mad. It started this morning. Three lads are trying to get up on the roof. They have been smashing up tables and a window was smashed. I can see them out my window. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A prisoner, who called a national media scum outlet, also confirmed there has been unrest among inmates after being ‘locked in their cells for three days’. The inmate, who did not want to be named, said that an incident had broken out between a younger prisoner and an officer, with tensions having carried on into the next day.

He said: “On Tuesday they were short staffed so we were locked up all day, then yesterday there was a training day and we weren’t allowed out and then today there’s been this. Some people have been kicking off and smashing the glass on their doors but the screws are just too frightened to go onto the wings.”

HMP Lincoln inmates have previously rioted and in 2002 set fire to parts of the building, seizing control of a least one wing. The disturbance was sparked when a prison officer was attacked by an inmate and a number of others jumped on the guard, assaulting him and dragging him into a cell before taking his keys. It took eight hours for the riot to be brought under control.

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Burton: Vandals descend upon city centre

The McEvil's had two large window panes smashed.

The McEvil’s had two large window panes smashed.

Burton College had six windows shattered in total.

Burton College had six windows shattered in total.

Costa was put out of action!

Costa was put out of action!

Three businesses and a college are counting the cost this morning after a vandalism rampage saw windows smashed across Burton’s city centre. The McDonald’s in Station Street was still visibly damaged this morning, Burton and South Derbyshire College in Lichfield Street was totally trashed, the Nationwide in High Street had its doors put through and also the Costa on Orchard Street was put out of action for at least today with its whole cafe front obliterated!.

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Essex: Vandals dig up elitist golf clubs greens with shovel


Vandals have dug up the turf on two bourgeois golf greens – just days before a posh Essex-wide tournament is due to take place. Groundsmen who arrived at the elitist Rochford Hundred Golf Club on Monday morning discovered that the earth had been dug up around the 5th and 16th holes.  It is estimated that the cost of the sabotage will cost thousands to repair and that the tournament is in danger of being cancelled. It is thought the sabotage was committed by someone who has a grudge against the club.

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Greece: CCF / Urban Guerrilla Cell – “Individuality and the Anarchist Group”


From: 325, via: Insurrection News

Individuality and the anarchist group


This title from Black International, “Individuality and the anarchist group”, written by Gerasimos Tsakalos of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Urban Guerrilla Cell, is about a topic that concerns many of those who are an active part of the anarchist tension. Concerning not just the way comrades negotiate and conduct themselves within minimal organisational structures (clusters, networks, affinity groups) of informality and attack, and the effect of those forms on individuals, it also looks at the problems that can arise and some possible solutions. All this can add to a notional ‘to-be-completed’ mapping of some of the borderlands between the peripheries of the social and the clandestine for those traversing such terrains.

Written from the lived experience of an armed anarchist urban guerrilla who is imprisoned in the isolation dungeon of Korydallos prison in Athens, Greece, this is not a dreamy fantasy but a text which was developed in the furnace of practical theory and it’s consequences. The horizontal forms of organisation which are described here are ones that have been used and developed in practice, not from scriptures, but in the actual chaos of the everyday.

For a black international of anarchists of praxis.

September 2016

Read full text online 

Download full text as PDF booklet

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Bristol: Vandalism of various prison workers property by Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

From 325

This is dedicated to all the very young ones, youths with no direction yet, the kids that punch out at everything. Those that hate being told what to do and hate authority, who’ve fell foul of the law, who don’t even consider anarchy. Rebels without a cause. A prison gate is a border, it is a part of the class system, crime, scarcity and resource war. They need people to control and use in private prison labour. The prisons are exploding.

HMP Bristol, Horfield – 2 cars of screws are scratched up and tyres punctured, one a black sportscar – P6 SHT.

Horfield, Bristol – 12 Oak Road, house of screw has ‘bars’ sprayed on the windows and “screw” scrawled on the house in spraypaint.

Done in the International Week of Solidarity to Anarchist Prisoners, 23-30 August.
Solidarity to the anarchists in Italy arrested in Operation Scripta Manent and to all those in the prison uprising in America, 9 September.

Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

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Bristol: Solidarity banner with the accused of bank robbery in Aachen Germany

From: Act For Freedom Now!

On the eve of the extradition trial of our Dutch comrade, one of the accused of bank robbery, we hang a banner over the pedestrian footbridge of the M32 in Bristol reading:

‘Solidarity with the accused of bank robbery in Aachen’

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Dublin: Imprisoned youth run riot for hours, take control of prison and set it ablaze



On Monday night (29 August) during a riot a number of prisoners at the infamous Oberstown youth prison made their way to the roof after taking keys from a screw and set a fire on top of it. The blaze began at about 8pm and caused extensive damage to the prison.

A number of young prisoners were seen on the roof of one of the prison buildings taking advantage of a strike by screws that was ongoing outside. The idiot screws staged the eight-hour work stoppage because of being attacked on a regular basis by the youth. Lets just say we have no sympathy for the screws at all especially the screw that was injured and sent to hospital for trying to break the disturbance on the roof.

According to mainstream sources the rioting went on for hours into the night and the ERU (Irish riot cops) were sent in because the youth took control of the prison!

The riot has occurred only 2 weeks after five other youth managed to scale the fences of the youth prison complex with a ladder they stole from a storeroom, having attacked screws and then scaled the 30ft perimeter wall.  The five teenagers, who were armed with bats and golf clubs, were only found and returned to the detention centre after a massive operation that even included armed cops and dogs.

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Derry: Pipe bomb thrown at cop patrol in Bogside


A pipe bomb has been thrown at a cop patrol in Derry. A number of homes were evacuated during the security alert at Leckey Road flyover close to a ‘controversial’ nationalist bonfire built in the middle of the main road.

The six metre-high blaze had partly blocked Leckey Road in the Bogside. Sinn Fein election posters and Union flags were burned. An attempt to move the fire from the middle of the road had failed, as cops attempt to attack and shutdown bonfires.

 The parties of authority including Sinn Féin have blamed dissident republicans.

FOTH: The Bogside at one period between 1969-72 was part of a self-declared autonomous area, ‘Free Derry’. Violence in the area reached a peak on 12 August 1969, culminating in the Battle of the Bogside—a three-day pitched battle between residents and the murderous RUC. From this period onwards the British army was constantly positioned around the area. On 30 January 1972, thirteen unarmed men and boys were shot dead by the British Army’s Parachute Regiment at a march against internment (imprisonment without trial) in the Bogside, a massacre that is infamously known as ‘Bloody Sunday’. Since then the Bogside area is known as a relentless unruly area against British domination.

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