Nothing is over, everything continues…

For 5 years now our group of comrades has been involved in two projects that have striven to shed light in the darkness that is the ‘prison island.’ The original desire was to continue the legacy that anarchist-nihilist comrade Darko Mathers had begun with his own similar project. It was not our intention to copy or imitate, but to continue in our own way a much needed dissemination of anti-social, individualistic, nihilistic, anti-civilisation, insurrectionary anarchy along with a healthy influx of attacks that were not necessary linked to the anarchic circles but fitted within what can be done on this island of passivity. At moments we also included influences from comrades abroad to spread the anarchy of praxis but also to show limited international solidarity.

In the present we occupy there is a shifting of the conflict against authority that we are part of, many questions have been asked about the use of the internet (which is a tool of the enemy, which should never be forgotten!), along with projects that manifest themselves online and their connection with praxis, either said or written by similar projects and imprisoned comrades. We still consider counter-information important, who knows in the future maybe we will be involved again, along with its spreading as an important contribution to anarchy in conflict with all the domination apparatus. When words and online presence do not match up to the active contribution to the attack in the real world, then we risk contributing to the spectacle and becoming at best keyboard warriors of irrelevance.

What we feel is needed now, at least personally for us as individuals that now have disbanded as a group, is more comrades contributing to physical projects that attack the rising tide of the technological-scientific-industrial-military-prison complex, along with exploitative globalised capitalism, the passive societies, the police states, murdering borders, rising fascism, a whole civilisation laying waste to the shrinking wild earth we inhabit and authority that not only exists as a physical enemy but also dwells within us.

Until the next ‘fire on the horizon’, ‘in the belly of the beast’… our passion goes out to all of the anarchists of praxis still fighting around the world,  to those still with us, those who are not and those inside the prisons, especially those in Greece.

“We are friends and have become estranged. But this was right, and we do not want to conceal and obscure it from ourselves as we had reason to feel ashamed. We are two ships each of which has its goal and its course; our paths may cross and we may celebrate a feast together, as we did… But then the almighty force of our tasks drove us apart again into different seas and sunny zones, and perhaps we shall never meet again…” – Friedrich Nietzsche

P.s FOTH will remain online as an archive to those who will make use of it.

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Worldwide: Call for a Black December!

From and translated by Insurrection News on 01.12.17:

With the anarchist Sebastián Oversluij in our memory, four years since his death in combat in Chile during an attempted bank expropriation in December 2013.

With swollen hearts, remembering the anarchist comrade Alexandros Grigoropoulos, seven years since he was murdered in Exarcheia, Greece by police bullets in the year 2008.

For a Black December!

While democratic and civilized totalitarianism advances, expanding its control and surveillance mechanisms, devastating territories, attacking liberated spaces and hunting down insurgents throughout the world, imposing punishments and long sentences of imprisonment against the enemies of domination.

While in Italy our comrades are launching blasphemous attacks against the judges and reaffirming their anarchist convictions during the trial by the repressive operation Scripta Manent.

While thousands of prisoners in struggle are mobilizing in Greece in response to the attempts of the power to asphyxiate prisoners with a new penitentiary code.

While in Chile the power tries to strike its blow of revenge demanding long sentences in the trial against the anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Enrique Durán.

While in Argentina where you can still feel the rage and pain from the murder of comrade Santiago Maldonado, and then the police murdered the Mapuche warrior Rafael Nahuel while the government militarizes its territories in preparation for the next G20 summit.

While in Brazil, police intelligence tries to halt the anarchist struggle via Operation Erebo, accusing comrades, anarchist spaces and libraries of being behind the beautiful incendiary flashes that in recent years have spread in an intentional way against political party headquarters, police barracks and various power structures.

While all this is happening, in various parts of the globe anarchic minds explore practical and offensive responses to the constant aggression that represents the very existence of power and authority.

From the dignity of the prisoners struggling in the prisons of Bulgaria, to the burning cars in France and the call to action in the Czech Republic. From Belarus to Australia, from Mexico to Belgium and Germany. From Bolivia to the United Kingdom, Finland, Russia, Indonesia, Spain and the whole world, the yearnings for freedom are expressed, shouted, conspired and acted upon without bosses or hierarchies, opening the way to anarchy here and now.

That’s why December continues to be an invitation for insurgent communication via the wild heat of the offensive action against power.

For all our imprisoned and persecuted comrades. For all those that rise up and take action against domination by attacking their structures and their representatives.

May solidarity with our comrades become action. May the memory of Sebastián Oversluij and Alexandros Grigoropoulos ignite barricades and feed fires and explosions against power and their defenders. Let the enemy feel the siege of revolt in every neighbourhood, in every cell and on every corner.

For a Black December, long live anarchy!

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Chile: In Memory of Renzo Novatore – Iconoclast, Anti-Dogmatic, Individualist, Nihilist & above all, Anarchist

From and translated by Insurrection News on 01.12.17:

“The world is a pestilent, filthy, slimy church where everyone has an idol to worship as a fetish and an altar on which to sacrifice themselves” – In the Realm of Phantoms, R. Novatore

The comrade Renzo Novatore, pseudonym of Abele Rizieri Ferrari, was born on May 12th, 1890 in Arcola, an Italian town located in the province of La Spezia. Representative of ‘iconoclastic anarchism’, he fought with ideas and weapons against power until he was shot down by the carabinieri in an ambush that took place on November 29th, 1922.

When reading and analyzing the ideas and actions of Renzo Novatore in the present we can interpret them from several perspectives, but viewed through an anarcho-nihilist lens we can recognize his great contribution in giving strength to the entire framework of iconoclastic discourse and praxis – individualism – nihilism – anarchism. Continue reading

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Italy: Scripta Manent trial (started on 16/11/2017): Statement to the court by anarchist Alfredo Cospito



Translated by act for freedom now!


On 16/11/2017 the SCRIPTA MANENT trial began inside the bunker courtroom of ‘Le Vallette’ prison in Turin. Imprisoned anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito read a long declaration. Alfredo was not present in court as he was subjected to video conferencing from inside the AS2 unit in the prison of Ferrara.

Declaration to the Court:

Benevento 14th August 1878- Turin 16th 2017

Malefactors on trial

The Union of Egoists is your instrument, it is the sword with which you increase your natural strength; the Union exists thanks to you. Society, on the other hand, demands much from you and it exists without you; in short, society is sacred, Union is yours; society uses you, the Union–you use it– Stirner

O, gentlemen, the time of life is short! .. An if we live, we live to tread on kings; Shakespeare, Henry IV

I regret every crime in my life that I haven’t committed, every desire that I have not satisfied – Senna Hoy

I want to be as clear as possible, so that my words sound like an admission of guilt. As far as it is possible to belong to an instrument, a technique, I claim my belonging to FAI-FRI with pride. With pride I recognize myself in its entire history. I am a fully-fledged part of it and my contribution carries the signature of ‘Olga Nucleus’. If this farce had been limited to myself and Nicola, I’d have remained silent. But you have involved a significant part of all those who have been giving solidarity to us over these years, among them those I love dearly. At this point I cannot refrain from speaking my mind, to remain silent would make me an accomplice of your shameful attempt to strike an important part of the anarchist movement indiscriminately. Comrades dragged behind bars and put on trial, not for what they did but for what they are: anarchists. Tried and arrested not for having claimed, like I did, an action with the acronym FAI-FRI, but for having participated in meetings, written in papers and blogs, and more simply for giving solidarity to comrades on trial. I will not use these comrades as a shield. In an era when ideas don’t count, to be put on trial and arrested for an idea says a lot about the explosive force that a certain vision of anarchy continues to have, and it also says a lot about the empty shells that democracy and so-called democratic freedoms are. Continue reading

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Germany: Attacks Against Amazon in Berlin and Munich

Berlin: Attacks Against Amazon Delivery Vans

23.11.17: We do not want to be governed by information – and to the satisfaction of the manager’s faces, blissfully grinning at the thought of the dull masses who are storming the shops on Black Friday like controlled zombies. In solidarity with Amazon’s fighting workers and in support of Block Black Friday, we attacked three express vans labelled with ‘AZ Amazon’ and ‘drs amazon’ in various ways during the night of November 23 – burned down, stabbed tires, smeared with paint and left the call: ‘strike!’

There was this side note in the media, as once again a ‘terrorist’ was arrested – Amazon proposes the potential terrorist customers in the search for hydrogen peroxide already the next ingredients for the big bang – thanks to the algorithm …
Continue reading

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Staffordshire: Amazon ‘workhouse’ burnt again!

An Amazon distribution centre (more like ‘sweatshop’) in Rugeley, Staffordshire has been set on fire again a year after the same depot was attacked in a similar fashion, just weeks before the capitalist consumerist fest that goes into overdrive at the end of another year. A section of the building on the third floor was torched with a significant amount of stock being damaged. The depot was previously attacked back in the same month last year, were services had to be stopped and certain shitty products taken off sale.

FOTH: Amazon is a notorious global employer who takes advantage of its employees with standards of work that increase wage slavery tactics including constant surveillance of workers, massive background security checks even before getting a job, never mind workers not being guaranteed work after a month. Amazon is typical of many scum global capitalist corporations portrayed as a shining example of the standards of slavery to come.


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Birmingham: Cop car smashed by masked youth

A cop car got what was coming to it as cops attended a church service for the annual remember the massacre in wars day. Two masked youth rolled up to the car on a moped, one then smashed the windows of the vehicle with a hammer, laughing and shouting anti-cop slogans. The two youth then made there getaway on their bike.

Fuck up the police, every chance you get!

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London: Hammer wielding moped gang raid Apple store

A flagship store of the mind controlling global capitalist scum Apple has been audaciously raided on one of the most expensive and central streets in the centre of London. The store on Regent street was set upon by a 10 strong masked gang on mopeds who used hammers to smash to pieces the front windows, making off with expensive products. Even a security scumbag failed to stop them as they threatened him with their hammers, with the so called hero backing off.

The attack on Apple comes one month after another moped gang attacked a high-end jeweller’s in the same street. In that attack they smashed display cabinets to escape with a high-value haul after a hammer, an axe and bats were used to break in to the store. Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: 6th of December – International Day against State Terrorism

From: 325

6 December 2008, 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos is shot point blank by cops in the neighborhood of Exarchia in Athens. Alexis falls from the bullet of state murderers and a hurricane of rage rises. This was no accident; it was a targeted murder in the heart of a neighborhood that is, as much historically as in the present, a hub for the oppressed to organize themselves into the resistance movement. The message was clear, to terrorise the resistance, to assert state totalitarian control, to stifle the brewing insurrection against a decrepit system of exploitation and oppression. The story of Alexis is the story of thousands of fighters shot, tortured and disappeared by the armed guards of the state around the world.

In the hours, days and weeks that followed the murder of Alexis myriads of people, who saw in the killing of Alexis their own sufferings in this system, took to the streets around the world. The wave of solidarity broke the isolation and alienation of the oppressed and awakened once again the global vision for a world without exploitation from authority. This history, our history is not a collection of dead symbols. It is our storming ground for the ongoing struggle against the slavery of humanity by capitalist exploiters, their state aparatus and their armies. Continue reading

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Reading: Riot cops fight 300 strong masked ravers

Three hundred masked ravers descended on a field in the Berkshire countryside near Reading and fought it out with riot cops with stones. The disorder started when a ‘citizen of the year’ hotel owner called the cops because the windows in his hotel were vibrating from the music. There was a two hour stand off between the cops and ravers who in the end decided to disperse.

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