‘Swaleside is burning!’ Masked prisoners riot on wing for 6 hours

Masked rioters amongst the destruction of the wing

Last Thursday (23rd Dec) another riot broke out on prison island, this time it exploded at HMP Swaleside, as 60 masked prisoners took over a wing at the Category B training prison on the Isle of Shippey. The riot lasted for more than 6 hours as fire as extensive damage was done to the wing, fire extinguishers let off and pool balls thrown at screws. Again a riot unit called ‘Tornado Team’ had to be sent into the prison to quell the riot, which did not end till 1am the following day. Pictures and video footage that were sent out on illegally smuggled in phones show the rioters in full control of the wing rearing themselves up to fight the authorities, chanting loudly ‘Swaleside is burning!’

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Posterity: The New Superstition

9f6dee0c6a09bd65624bc2eaa3a60f50-e1482218346557The latest decoy set up by the indestructible god of illusions is Posterity. Man has been invited to live for various motives. Once it was for the glory of God; Comte proposed as a motive the glory of man; now we are invited to live for the glory of Posterity. Nietzsche called Posterity the Overman; Socialists call it “the rising generation.” No one has thought of the glory of living for the sake of living, of eating, fighting, reproducing merely because they give pleasure. Always there are devil-gods that call for sacrifices; always there is the bogey-word that demands obeisance and tribute of all our actions. Nothing must exist for itself. Each thing must exist for the sake of some other thing. The perfume in a rose is legitimate only if there is a human nostril somewhere to be intoxicated; and the perfume of our acts and thoughts is a “moral” or “right” perfume only if it gives pleasure to the nostrils of God, Church, Common Good, or Posterity.

Man has not yet become a good animal. He suffers from ideals, as he once suffered from superstitions. An ideal is a superstition in court clothes. It makes very little difference whether you believe that an east-wind blowing down the chimney on a moonlight night will ring you good luck or that an act that gives you pleasure in the doing is “right” if it benefits Posterity and wrong if it doesn’t.

The East worships its ancestors; the West worships Posterity. The East lies prone on its belly offering its tributes to ghosts; the West bows its head in adoration to the ghosts not yet born. When an Oriental worships the soul of a bit of wood, we call him superstitious; when the Westerner worships certain letters of his alphabet which spell “God” or “Church” or “Morality” or “Posterity,” we call it the Ideal. And a smile steals over the furrowed brow of wisdom, and Momus reels in glee. Ancestor-worship is the old superstition; posterity-worship the new superstition. The “gods of our fathers” are become the gods of our children. The old bottles are filled with the new wine, but the old labels have never been taken off. We still march under mottoes and tramp to Ultima Thule to the raging tom-toms beaten by priests and idealists. Still we signal a host of imaginary beings with the gaudily-colored pocket-handkerchiefs of our latest trumpery abstraction. Continue reading

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UPDATE: Hull prison on brink of riot as prisoners arrive from Birmingham

The prison system on prison island is at last on the verge of outright rebellion tonight as Hull Prison is on the brink of a riot after 15 prisoners involved in the disturbance at HMP Birmingham on Friday were transferred to the jail.  Inmates inside the category B prison went on a violent rampage, attacking screws and set fire to CCTV cameras. It comes just two days after 600 inmates trashed four wings of the Winson Green prison in Birmingham, West Midlands.  Its revealed that screws were set upon and prisoners refused to return to their cells after the men from Birmingham arrived. The jail, home to more than 1,000 prisoners, was then put on lockdown following the disturbance.

Its claimed that HMP Hull is ‘a powder keg ready to go off! They are trying to incite riots here and we’ve had a really bad couple of days here. They set fire to the cameras just after they got here and a senior officer was assaulted by who we believe to be one of the main instigators of what happened in Birmingham.’ 



Read More: Major riot at Winson Green prison! Worst disorder since Strangeways!

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Setting Fires With Electrical Timers- An Earth Liberation Front Guide


37 pages B&W: Setting Fires With Electrical Timers- An ELF Guide

From the introduction:

Electrical timers are superior to delays that use candles, incense or cigarettes. Electrical timers have significantly longer delay times. When electrical timers are carefully constructed, they are more reliable. Each one can be tested repeatedly until you are certain that it will work. Electrical timers are easily protected from wind and rain, whereas even a mild breeze can be a problem for candles and incense.

This guide has recipes for two electrical timers, the Old-Fashioned Kitchen Timer and the SCR Digital Timer. Both recipes have been greatly expanded to give extremely clear and detailed instructions. Our goal has been to eliminate ambiguity from the directions and to provide as many helpful tips as possible. You don’t need prior experience with electronics. You need only practice some with a soldering iron. As long as you pay attention to details and do the proper testing, you’ll be able to construct highly reliable timers. Continue reading

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South Shields, Tyneside: Cop vehicle windscreen smashed

An anarchist in South Shields smashed a windscreen of a police car at
20:45 p.m tonight 10/12/2016. This happened in Newmarket walk, South
Shields, Tyneside.

Source: 325

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Wigan: Cash machine blown up by raiders – for second time in months


Raiders have blasted a cash machine at a service station in Wigan.  Reports of a loud bang at the ATM outside the Co-operative Food shop, on Manchester Road, Astley, were heard in the early morning.

It is the second time the ATM has been targeted this year, with a gang using an explosive to blow up the same ATM on August 19. The last time time three raiders were seen approaching the cash machine. They attempted to force it open with their hands, but when that did not work used an explosive. The machine went up in flames and the men took the cash from inside.

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Bolton: Cop car torched during arson rampage


A cop car was torched during a spate of arson attacks in the same area of Bolton. The marked GMP vehicle was set on fire at about 2.50am on Monday 29th Nov on Musgrave Road, Halliwell, and it is believed it is linked to a string of similar attacks.

In the last month there have been 12 arsons involving bins and cars in the Halliwell area – with 10 occurring on one street. Cops have stepped up patrols and seem to have fallen victim to the arsonist/s. Its gutting that no po-po have been injured in the attacks.

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Cheshire: Arsonists attack firefighters after they try to extinguish fire

Firefighters who tried to put out a recent fire in Wharton, Cheshire, were attacked by a gang throwing stones, bottles and fireworks. The recent arson attack is one in 37 others during the last two months in an escalating environment of disorder in the local area. The ‘anti-social’ attacks have led to the cops escorting fire crews and even the company that houses people in the estate were the arsons have occurred to threaten to evict anyone who is found to be involved.

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Birmingham: Vandals attack cop car as they give out Christmas presents

A cop car was trashed by vandals in Erdington, Sutton Coldfield while cops were handing out Christmas presents and trying to win over the local area. The marked cop car was targeted in Faulkners Farm Drive between 7pm and 9pm on Monday (December 5) as the feds were helping the local god squad.

The kids were not fooled by the publicity stunt!

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Tis’ the season to vandalise Christmas


Somerset: ‘Scrooge’ vandals cut Christmas lights and wreck Christmas tree

Vandals have attacked a Christmas tree and damaged its lights in the historic centre of Wells, sparking outrage. Lights on the tree in the Conduit in Market Place which forms part of the city’s festive display were torn apart and yanked with force – breaking the top of the tree.

Somerset: Gang of youths celebrate ‘Capitalism Day’ in their own way!

A gang of youths have vandalised the local Christmas lights in Wellington, Somerset. The gang wearing dark hooded clothing cut through wires to extinguish a symbol of ‘Capitalism Day.’ They then went on to egg houses in the local area to add their own joy at this time of year.

Southport: Vandals ‘switch off’ Christmas tree lights

Christmas lights on a main street in Sothport, Mersyside,  have been struck by vandals. It is believed that wires running up into the tree lights have been cut leaving them with no power. The white lights wrapped round the tree branches that line Lord Street were only turned the day before.

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