London: Gang blows up cash machine on high street


A gang used gas canisters to blow apart a cash machine in east London and make off with its contents. Debris was left strewn across Ripple Road after the raiders blasted the machine apart in the early hours of Monday. Three men were involved, fleeing on motorbikes with their haul after destroying the cashpoint. It comes after several cash machines were destroyed in explosions in west London last month.

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Scotland, Edinburgh: Torching of an SPCA van


From: Antisocial Evolution

Capitalistic civilization spreads like fire. It engulfs the physical reality but also the ways of thinking that ideologicalize the norms and roles that enslave individualities, perpetuating as such their consolidation. Servility is not found in what one does in itself, the purism of morality as a way of mechanistic thought is an instinct of slaves not of conscious egoists who by following their existential insurrection try to interpret reality outside the imaginary world of ideas, to render themselves able to attack as they see fit, choosing what belongs to them and what not. Servility is found in the ways one accepts and reproduces its values. Many try to spread indoctrination because their mysticism or fantasies don’t leave them to take a breath, but we know that it is politics to try to show that your values are to be followed, because if someone hasn’t created them by experience from their own will to live, it will be totally pointless, if you are interested in creating anarchy and not an ideology. Nobody can be convinced to live their own lives by following role models, heroes and reified values. This is the way of thinking of civilized mentalities and we don’t care about anyone who doesn’t attempt to find their own ways for what is their own. We are misanthropes and we try to look chaos in the eye. History has shown that human civilization is inevitable. Although its contemporary form is beyond comprehension because from one field of alienation you jump into another, left flowing into the maze of existence surrounded by metaphysical attacks.

At night on the 15/09 we torched a van of the animal welfare charity SPCA. The van was parked at a courtyard of a neighborhood. This was an action of extreme joy and unruliness in the land of the ruled, but also an action of revenge for an individuality. When the body lives only then you value life, when you feel the flow of power, otherwise the spirit is just a mascot. Whatever we do is part of us, we don’t represent anyone or anything. Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Insurrectionary France… Four cops get burnt in molotov attack


Four French cops were set on fire after a masked gang attacked their two cars with petrol bombs during a patrol on a notorious housing estate near Paris.  The attack took place on the Grande Borne, in the southern Paris suburb of Viry-Chatillon, last Saturday afternoon. The cars were parked up on the estate as a part of a surveillance patrol monitoring a surveillance camera near a set of traffic lights. They were attacked from all sides. Assailants in a group of around a dozen threw Molotov cocktails at the car. Two of the cops were that burnt that they were rushed to intensive care units. Two others received hospital treatment. Continue reading

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Mountjoy Prison: Five screws hospitalised after attacks by gangs

Five screws have been hospitalised following two separate attacks by gangs of inmates at Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, that left them with broken bones and teeth, as well as tendon and ligament damage.Both incidents occurred in St Patrick’s Institution, which is a facility for young offenders situated within the Mountjoy Prison complex, on Friday.

The first occurred at about 10am when, after cleaning out their cells, a group of 12 inmates was being returned to their cells as they had refused to take exercise in the yard.

During the first incident, there were two screws on a landing of the facility. One of the inmates lunged at the screw in charge.The other inmates then surrounded the two of them. The screw who was assisting the first screw intervened and pulled him away, but simultaneously the other inmates got involved. They came over the cage and attacked the two screws.

The second incident occurred at about 3.25pm and involved another group of 12 prisoners who were out of their cells for recreation in the exercise yard. This landing had two screws.

One of the inmates wanted to use the telephone before going to the yard. He was told he couldn’t access the phone as there were inmates from another group in the area, and, as he was part of a protection group, had to be kept isolated from them. He got aggressive and agitated about it. When he was on his way back to his cell, he pushed over one of the wheelie bins. A screw went over to him and as he got close to him, the inmate flung a chair at the screws face. The inmate then hit the screw across the side of the face with the chair and punched him to the face. Another screw went to his assistance and more were called to the landing. Part of the prison landing is covered in mesh so nobody can be thrown off it, but the 12 or 13 prisoners rushed over the top of it and went to attack the screws. The other prisoners were agitating and attacking as they went.

One screw suffered a broken hand as well as general injuries. Another received bruising to his hand, both legs, and his lower jaw, as well as damage to his teeth, and torn ligaments in his ankle.

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Smash & Grabs from around prison island


Norton, Yorkshire: Raiders pull ATM from supermarket wall

Raiders pulled an ATM from an ASDA supermarket in Norton, North Yorkshire, leaving a gaping hole in the front of the store and debris strewn across the car park. A JCB digger was used to dig the ATM from the wall and the machine was loaded into a waiting get away vehicle. The digger to the store workers and cops surprise was left still with its engine running in the car park. The ATM was found empty of its loot in a nearby village.

St. Neots, Cambridgshire: Another cash machine forced open as ATM raid spree continues

In early hours of the morning unknowns used a vehicle to pull an ATM cash machine from the foyer of a bank in High Street, St Neots. Sledgehammers were then used to force open the machine. It is believed cash was taken but it is not yet known how much. It follows a similar raids in St Neots at a Spar cashpoint earlier this month and previous attacks on cash points in Sawtry and Whittlesey.

Bristol: Smash & Grab at designer sunglasses shop

A gang of three raiders smashed their way into a Vision Express in Westbury-in-Trym by driving up to the front door then using a hammer to break the front door. They liberated the shop of hundreds of designer sunglasses that reach into thousands of pounds.

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Gosport: Arson attack on cop car during arson rampage


Cops sent to investigate a string of arson attacks on cars wound up red-faced after their own vehicle was torched in the blaze. Hampshire cops rushed to Foster Road in Gosport last night after receiving reports of cars being set alight  in the surrounding streets. Four other vehicles parked on driveways on Foster Road, Anglesea Road, Linden Grove and Alverstoke Road have also been set on fire using lighter fluid.

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Sheffield: ‘Pyromaniacs’ go on 11 car arson rampage


Uncontrollable youth caused thousands of pounds worth of damage after torching 11 cars in a spree of destruction. Several of the vehicles that were torched during the three-hour rampage were completely destroyed. The vehicles “were set alight by means of an accelerant being sprayed to the rear of the vehicles”.

The local authorities are trying to reassure the gullible public that they will apprehend the ‘pyromaniacs’ on the loose.

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Bradford: 11-year-old arsonist causes £1M damage as he sets fire to school

An 11-year-old arsonist caused more than £1million damage when he set fire to a school – because he had been told off.

He used a match to light paper in a storeroom of St Cuthbert and the First Martyrs Catholic Primary School, in Bradford, West Yorks.,

He used a match to light paper in a storeroom of St Cuthbert and the First Martyrs Catholic Primary School, in Bradford, West Yorks. Matches and candles from previous school celebrations were kept in there.

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Yorkshire: Cop Land Rover spray-painted silver by vandals


A cop Land Rover in deepest rural Yorkshire has been spray-painted silver by vandals. The vehicle was targeted between  Monday night and Tuesday morning in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. A head cop complained that while some “might find this funny” the vehicle would “be off the road whilst it is repaired at a cost”.

FOTH: Some cop haters have a sense of humor!

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‘Pub Quiz #5 – We are all on a no-fly list, are you?’ – Anarcho-nihilist flyposter zine by anti-social hooligans in Bristol (Dark Matter Publications)


From: 325

(79mb) PDF: ‘Pub Quiz #5 – We are all on a no-fly list, are you?’ – Anarcho-nihilist flyposter zine by anti-social hooligans

As part of Dark Matter Publications and in line with the nihilist ethos of the project we present this latest zine by some anti-social hooligans in Bristol. It’s made up of cut-n-paste flyposters that have been spread around the city and the originals are collected here for the first time. These are not professional posters of the official movement, but dirty DIY amateur efforts about topics as diverse as police repression, eco-action, surveillance and consumerism. This is what happens when fevered twisted minds get hold of stationary and scissors. Being mainly flyposters, the zine contains pretty much no prolonged verbal diarrhea, long-winded sectarian tripe or boring pontifications posing as critical theory or whatever.

Anti-social hooligans

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