Call out – International Week of Solidarity to Anarchist Prisoners, August 23-30 – 2017

From: 325

International solidarity week for anarchist prisoners

This year, the International solidarity week for anarchist prisoners will be spent for the fifth time in 23rd to 30th August and we come stronger than ever!

Some political prisoners are already supported, but far from all of them. Also, the supported are usually involved in authoritarian politics and not grassroots activities. Anarchist prisoners are not often well-known people, even though they might be long term activists. Their ways to fight back oppressors and wrongdoings are not necessary following the current laws of their location, which is judged by some authoritarian organisations. The vast amount and diversity of cases of anarchist prisoners is surprising to many.

We wanted to choose a week, so that it would be easy as possible to organise different kinds of expressions of solidarity, which would be supported by one another. The beginning of the week was chosen to be the execution date of Sacco and Vanzetti, two Italian-American anarchists, in 1927. They were convicted with very little amount of evidence, and many still consider that they were punished from their anarchist views.

Welcome to join!
Solidarity can express itself in many forms.

Please report us your done actions to the address You can also announce your event in advance in the same address, we list them on our page From the pages you can also find examples and tips of actions and support mail to anarchists, links to prisoner lists and more.

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Bristol: Sabotage of nationalist politician Ben Walker’s car by Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

From: 325

Hey Walker, we recently had a nice view of your home from the pedestrian bridge in the small hours of the morning…

… a car and work van belonging to a UKIP candidate and ex-mayor (2012) of Bradley Stoke (Bristol, UK), Ben Walker, was damaged with paint and the tires were slashed on the driveway of his home: 136 Ferndene, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Also done recently…

…cars at Bath Audi and Mercedes car showrooms in Peasedown, Bath (UK) had their bodywork scratched up with broken glass (about 25 vehicles). This option of sabotage was chosen over a noisy one as we didn’t want to wake the sleeping car-transporter guy who was in his cab with the curtains drawn.

With this action a warm firm hand goes out to the street fighters and black bloc who came together to trash the G20 in Hamburg, with bravery against such heavy odds, and to those spreading this fight over other German cities. Some of us are not up to the level of street combat of German cities or to go and engage with your cops, so here in the UK a few of us have been lubricating our rusty joints enough to be able to be active and show our distaste in a style we are more familiar with. Continue reading

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Carlo Giuliani Murdered by Cops: Never Forgive! Never Forget!

From: Enough is Enough, via: 325

Sixteen years ago today, (July 20, 2001), 23 year old activist Carlo Giuliani was killed by Mario Placanica, a riot cop, during protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. One day later, on July 21st, 2001 cops raided the Diaz School in Genoa. Last month the European Court of Human Rights ruled unanimously that activists and journalists were tortured by cops during and after the raid. Today we remember Carlo Giuliani and all others who have fallen in the struggle against fascism, capitalism and oppression. Carlo Vive!

Its only a few weeks ago that special police forces pointed their machine guns at neighbours, journalists and protesters during the NoG20 protests. The SEK and COBRA squads had permission to shoot with live ammo in Hamburg. Hundreds of people were injured because of the orgy of police violence in Hamburg, which started days before the first stone was thrown. With police vans driving into crowds at full speed, the deployment of special police forces with machine guns and the way the police attack against the Welcome to Hell demo was carried out, cops putted peoples lives in danger.

The police violence in Hamburg remembered me of the orgy of violence by Italian cops in Genoa, Italy in 2001.

In the afternoon of July 20, 2001, about 200,000 protesters took to the streets shouting and chanting their slogans against the neoliberal globalization when all of a sudden the riot police appeared and began to beat everyone they could get. In the morning hours windows were smashed, with riot cops observing the attacks from a pretty close distance. The attacks in the morning hours were broadcasted live on tv channels, owned by prime minister Berlusconi, to justify the police attacks against the demo in the afternoon which was peaceful until the police attacks started. Continue reading

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Two New Critiques of the So-Called ‘Eco-Extremist’ Group ITS

From: 325

“Eco-extremism and the indiscriminate attack – The Church of ITS Mexico” by L (UK)

“And Severino Di Giovanni’s actions were never violent for the sake of it. They were never indiscriminate or striking at anything at all in order to create a tension that would favour power and it’s politics of consolidation. They were always guided by a precise revolutionary reasoning: to strike the centres of power with punitive actions that find their justification in the State’s violence, and which were aimed at pushing the mass towards a revolutionary objective. Di Giovanni always took account of the situation of the mass, even though he was often accused of not having done so” JW & AMB
Anarchism and Violence
Severino Di Giovanni in Argentina by Osvaldo Bayer
Elephant Editions

I don’t represent any organisation or group, I am writing this from my personal perspective, as nihilist-anarchist of an anti-civilisation insurrectional tendency. I have carried out direct action in defense of the Earth, so the state and society would probably view me as an “Eco-Extremist”, although I’m unconcerned with this term as it’s become a sect-like ideology of the Church. I haven’t written before about the Church of ITS Mexico or the idiot pseudo-nihilist(s) in Italy because over the last few years they clearly became reactionary and more akin to far-right ‘black’ groupscules.

It has been some years since the Church of ITS Mexico said something like that ‘the FAI doesn’t represent us’, that the ‘CCF doesn’t represent us’… Well I can’t recall anything like that being said by CCF or FAI or anyone else in the first place, so why is the ITS Church still issuing sermons about it now and why have they not embarked on a one-way trip far away from the black anarchy they proclaim is irrelevant and gone off into the nihilising abyss like they said they would, leaving all us anarchist nuns alone?

It was obvious to foresee what this groupscule and their related neurotic fanclub was going towards – cultish green authoritarianism, paganism, irrationalism and indiscriminate attacks – and haven’t we seen this before? Although the Church of ITS Mexico with its tiny few self-described eco-extremists and pseudo-nihilists like to pose as the most radical and truly anarchistic and chaotic latest trend that is very different and abyssal, far from anything that goes before, they are just another offshoot of an old idea with rotten roots in soil and blood, either that or they just have shit for brains. Continue reading

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Meanwhile in uncontrollable Athens… Anarchists fuck up one of the most expensive streets in Europe

From the text of the video…

Athens, Greece: Anger and Rage followed the court’s rejection of Irianna’s appeal for her 13 years jail sentence to be suspended on 18 July 2017, an order for imprisonment solely based on an almost non-existent partial DNA sample, that according to the judges proved that she belonged to a radical anarchist group. (FOTH: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire)

A protest callled during the night of the same day at Monastiraki where hunreds of people took part, quickly turned into a riot, leading too the destruction of one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe, namely Ermou St.

The real reason that Irianna, a 29 years old academic, has been convicted in the first place was that before she was even accused by the police, she stood by her partner, when he was accused of being a member of that urban guerrilla group. Despite the fact that her partner was later found innocent of all charges, the Athens Court of Appeal retaliated against her for her loyalty to him, and in essence criminalized her social relations. Continue reading

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‘Claw Out Their Eyes’ Poster

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Claw Out Their Eyes! Destroy the CCTV Nation!

We are not helpless under the watchful eye of big brother, do not accept this shit, lets destroy this CCTV nation, smash this prison society on this island!


Continue reading

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‘Posh’ Tumbridge Wells: ‘Hooligan’ foxes cut car cables

Fox youth recently have been held responsible for attacking human’s cars in the posh commuter town of Royal Tumbridge Wells, in attempt to take out the annoying posh humans. The toffs kept on waking up in the morning to find their brake cables cut and instantly presumed it was the work of a vandal with a grudge. Even the clueless cops believed it was ‘foul play’ after six attacks were reported in a fortnight.

Now it apparently turns out it could have been a rampaging gang of fox cubs. According to a so called wildwife expert the young animals, which use the underside of cars as cover when they are on the prowl, often chew on the pipes to help strengthen their jaws and teeth. The posh drivers are now being told to check their brakes are working before setting off and are also been advised to wash their cars in animal repellents in order to try and deter the foxes, more like poison them!

One local posh twit is not so convinced: ‘I can’t believe for a second it was just foxes. The cuts are just too clean. I think it was more malicious. I want cast iron proof that it was a fox.’

Haha guess the foxes are not available for foot prints or DNA testing! We at FOTH really like the idea that fox youth attacked them in a anti-rich or anti-civilization vendetta!


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‘Only in Cambridge’: Luxury housing development covered with Latin graffiti

A development of posh luxury homes in Cambridge has been daubed with graffiti – written in Latin, typical of the university city. Vandals spray-painted the new five-bedroom river-front houses with the words ‘Locus in Domos Loci Populum.’ Locals have said the messages, which appear to be a protest against the development, could “only happen” in the university city. The monstrosities, in Water Street, Chesterton, priced from £1.25m are on the site of an old pub. Other locals have said “This is the most Cambridge thing ever” and “it’s a different class of graffiti in Cambridge”. The graffiti is thought to be a protest against the development and the high cost of housing in the city.

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John Bowden: Post-tariff life sentence prisoners, the Parole Board and my continued incarceration

From: Act For Freedom Now!

There is currently a massive population of “post-tariff” life sentence prisoners over-crowding British Prisons. Lifers who remain detained long beyond the time originally recommended by the judiciary or secretary of state, which includes prisoners sentenced under the IPP (‘Imprisonment for Public Protection’) Law. Although this law has been scrapped, it has left a legacy of thousands of prisoners still languishing in jail. Britain has more life sentenced prisoners than the whole of Europe combined, a consequence of a “lock em up and throw away the key” culture and mentality that pervades the bourgeois judiciary and justice apparatus, as well as a Parole Board that exists just to legitimise what is in reality the unlawful detention of thousands of prisoners. “Preventative Detention” was created by the Nazi Party in Germany in 1939 to “cleanse” society of anti-social elements and Britain is a zealous inheritor of that instrument of repression, while British prisons are now little more than modern day concentration camps, full of prisoners with no hope of release. Continue reading

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