Staffordshire: Amazon ‘workhouse’ burnt again!

An Amazon distribution centre (more like ‘sweatshop’) in Rugeley, Staffordshire has been set on fire again a year after the same depot was attacked in a similar fashion, just weeks before the capitalist consumerist fest that goes into overdrive at the end of another year. A section of the building on the third floor was torched with a significant amount of stock being damaged. The depot was previously attacked back in the same month last year, were services had to be stopped and certain shitty products taken off sale.

FOTH: Amazon is a notorious global employer who takes advantage of its employees with standards of work that increase wage slavery tactics including constant surveillance of workers, massive background security checks even before getting a job, never mind workers not being guaranteed work after a month. Amazon is typical of many scum global capitalist corporations portrayed as a shining example of the standards of slavery to come.


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