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Call out – International Week of Solidarity to Anarchist Prisoners, August 23-30 – 2017

From: 325 International solidarity week for anarchist prisoners This year, the International solidarity week for anarchist prisoners will be spent for the fifth time in 23rd to 30th August and we come stronger than ever! Some political prisoners are already … Continue reading

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Bristol: Sabotage of nationalist politician Ben Walker’s car by Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

From: 325 Hey Walker, we recently had a nice view of your home from the pedestrian bridge in the small hours of the morning… … a car and work van belonging to a UKIP candidate and ex-mayor (2012) of Bradley … Continue reading

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Carlo Giuliani Murdered by Cops: Never Forgive! Never Forget!

From: Enough is Enough, via: 325 Sixteen years ago today, (July 20, 2001), 23 year old activist Carlo Giuliani was killed by Mario Placanica, a riot cop, during protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. One day later, on … Continue reading

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Two New Critiques of the So-Called ‘Eco-Extremist’ Group ITS

From: 325 “Eco-extremism and the indiscriminate attack – The Church of ITS Mexico” by L (UK) “And Severino Di Giovanni’s actions were never violent for the sake of it. They were never indiscriminate or striking at anything at all in … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in uncontrollable Athens… Anarchists fuck up one of the most expensive streets in Europe

From the text of the video… Athens, Greece: Anger and Rage followed the court’s rejection of Irianna’s appeal for her 13 years jail sentence to be suspended on 18 July 2017, an order for imprisonment solely based on an almost … Continue reading

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‘Claw Out Their Eyes’ Poster

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Claw Out Their Eyes! Destroy the CCTV Nation!

We are not helpless under the watchful eye of big brother, do not accept this shit, lets destroy this CCTV nation, smash this prison society on this island! CLAW OUT THEIR EYES! ITS EASY, DO IT WITH A BUNCH OF … Continue reading

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‘Posh’ Tumbridge Wells: ‘Hooligan’ foxes cut car cables

Fox youth recently have been held responsible for attacking human’s cars in the posh commuter town of Royal Tumbridge Wells, in attempt to take out the annoying posh humans. The toffs kept on waking up in the morning to find … Continue reading

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‘Only in Cambridge’: Luxury housing development covered with Latin graffiti

A development of posh luxury homes in Cambridge has been daubed with graffiti – written in Latin, typical of the university city. Vandals spray-painted the new five-bedroom river-front houses with the words ‘Locus in Domos Loci Populum.’ Locals have said … Continue reading

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John Bowden: Post-tariff life sentence prisoners, the Parole Board and my continued incarceration

From: Act For Freedom Now! There is currently a massive population of “post-tariff” life sentence prisoners over-crowding British Prisons. Lifers who remain detained long beyond the time originally recommended by the judiciary or secretary of state, which includes prisoners sentenced … Continue reading

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