Sheffield: PCSO’s attacked with stones

Two PCSO’s* have been attacked and injured by youths on a Sheffield housing estate. The Shiregreen has been labelled as an unruly area as gangs of youth have been known to attack cop cars and PCSO’s before. The two PCSO’s were attacked while on patrol as two youth threw stones at them, even injuring one cop in the eye. The local cop authorities are trying there usual repressive technique of snitching in the local area, nicknamed ‘shop a yob.’**

PCSO’s your a joke!

*Police Community Support Officer, volunteer plastic cops that have been given lower powers, such as issuing fines, local patrolling, detaining a suspect, enforcing dispersal disorders, they can’t ‘stop and search’, arrest or carry handcuffs and weapons, other major cop powers.

**A popular cop tactic that involves sticking photos of wanted people in local media scum outlets to get the local community to snitch on them, hence ‘shop a yob.’ Widely used after the August 2011 riots around the island, even involving big screens in city centres and trucks with billboards, increasingly being used ever since. SNITCHES GET STITCHES!

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London: Solidarity Benefit Gig for Anarchist Publication & Imprisoned Anarchists

Start:December 2, 2017 8:00 am
End:December 3, 2017 10:00
CALL FOR ADDRESS : 07729208150

From: Act For Freedom Now!

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Bonfire madness in Edinburgh & Manchester

Edinburgh: Youth go on the rampage, torching cars & throwing rocks at cops

Youths bored with the usual festivities in Edinburgh, Scotland went on a destructive rampage on two housing estates. In Muirhouse masked youths threw rocks and fireworks at cops who arrived because a vehicle had been set on fire on the estate. A cop was seriously burned when a firework was thrown and cops had to return in full force in riot gear, with rocks and fireworks bouncing off riot shields. Continue reading

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Bolton: Porsche garage torched

More than 20 Porsche’s have been burnt or damaged during an arson attack that occurred at a storage garage in Bolton on 6th November. Three of the luxury cars were burnt and the rest damaged by smoke in a huge blaze that took hours to extinguish. The cars were being stored there by the Porsche Centre, one of the main flagship outlets in the country, of the global scum corporation that pollutes the earth we inhabit, never mind the excess in wealth that is needed to buy one of their cars. Its estimated that over 3 million pounds worth of damage was done altogether.

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Strangers in an Alien World – Wolfi Landsteicher

From:anarchistnews / Via: Act For Freedom Now!

Some thoughts on being an anarchist at the beginning of the 21st century

Strangers in an Alien World is a serialized book-in-progress by Wolfi Landstreicher, appearing in each issue of the Modern Slavery journal.


“…we are alone, with an entire world ranged against us.”
-Andrea Dorea

I have been an anarchist for well over thirty years now. For me this has never been an identity to which to cling, a label to give me a sense of belonging. It has rather been an ongoing challenge to face my life in a particular way, constantly raising the question of what it means to reject every form of domination and exploitation in my life on a practical level.

This is not a simple question with easy answers, but a problem that I have to wrestle with constantly, because I am facing a world here and now in which domination and exploitation define social relationships, in which most individuals are dispossessed of every possibility of determining their own existence, alienated from the creative energy through which such a project could be realized. As an anarchist, I have made a decision to reject and fight against this world. This makes me a deserter, an outsider, indeed, a stranger in an alien world. Obviously, this is not an easy choice. Several years ago I wrote: “I am not a peaceful man, a man content and willing to accept the will of the gods No, I am a man at war – with the world and with society, indeed, but also with myself and those I love the most.” And I think that this is inevitably true for any anarchist who is sincere in her desire to live her refusal of the impositions of the ruling order.

To overcome the isolation of this refusal it is necessary to seek accomplices with whom to steal back the creative energy with which we can build our lives together on our own terms and with whom to use that energy to destroy the alien world that the ruling order imposes on us. I wrestle constantly with the question of how to go about living in this way and carrying on this project with joy. The thoughts that follow stem from this questioning.

If I refer mainly to anarchists in speaking of the projects I pursue, it is because I am an anarchist and choose to carry out my projects in a certain way because of this. At the same time, I am quite aware that complicity cannot be limited to anarchists. There are those who hate the habitual, unthinking daily activities, relationships and roles that make up this society and that by their nearly universal unconscious acceptance are imposed on all of us, but who do not express this through revolutionary or anarchist ideas. Nonetheless, they act against this society in their lives, and they are also potential accomplices. In fact, only by being open to such relationships can we anarchists break out of the ghettos in which we so easily lose ourselves. So I am addressing these thoughts mainly to anarchists, but also to anyone who despises the enslaving impositions of this society.

There are words that I will use in this writing that I do not trust. I know they are problematic and open to misunderstanding. Thus, I will sometimes use the word “we.” There are circumstances in which it is the best shorthand metaphor to express what I am trying to say. As far as I am able, I will avoid the generic “we” in favor of the third person, but where this creates a clumsy and uncomfortable reading and I am referring to human beings in general, I will use this mistrusted word. In addition, it is important to recognize that society, the state, the economy, religion, etc., are not things in themselves, capable of acting. The are rather social relationships, activities that individuals carry out, generally in a habitual and unthinking manner. Throughout this series, I will often use the shorthand form of saying “society does this,” “the state does that,” etc., but I would like the reader to keep in mind that this is just a shorthand, that in reality, individuals are doing these things by carrying out the prescribed, habitual roles and activities that create and maintain the institutional structures of this society. Finally these thoughts are explorations, not final conclusions. As such, I consider them a tool for myself and others to use in developing and expanding our projects of stealing back our lives and destroying the social order that has stolen them from us. Continue reading

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Greece: Solidarity with the arrested comrade Kostantino G.

From: 325

According to info via Athens IMC, comrade Kostantino G. has been arrested and is suspected by the security forces of being involved in the letter-bomb attack against technocrat ex-prime minister and IMF employee Loukas Papadimos which took place in May 2017. The attack led to deep wounds to Papadimos and injuries to two other people accompanying him inside the vehicle he was in. Papadimos was hospitalised for a month.

The hostage comrade was inflicted an injury to his leg early Saturday morning during his violent kidnapping by the counter-terror unit. Apparently Kostantino is going to be charged with many felonies. Today he will be taken to the investigating judge where there will be a concentration in solidarity at the court.

This repressive action by state forces won’t go unanswered and comrades in the struggle internationally should be aware of this latest move.

Corporate media reported from the police that Kostantino had been under surveillance for two weeks before being caught carrying eight forged ID cards, two guns, ammunition, an explosive device rigged with a timer and gunpowder in three hold-alls, a plastic garbage bag and a fanny pack. The police spread in the media also that the comrade was clearing out a safe house rented in a false identity. The police suspect him of links to Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and implicated him in several unsolved letter-bomb actions including the attack against German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. It doesn’t matter if Kostantino G. is guilty or innocent of the charges, no comrade is left alone!

Solidarity to Kostantino G: 29/10 19:00 Polytechnic Athens

Day / Time: 29/10/2017 at 7 pm


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‘Removing the Trash’ by L

From: 325

“There are so many stupidities, lies, fakes that it is almost impossible to respond in the rhythm indicated… lies after lies and a rhythm of vertiginous updating.
Millimeter by millimeter it is necessary to remove this trash… without discussion, without half-tints and without space for dialogue. Since always we were quite critical of the anarchist pages that began to publish ITS and its derivations… it was to give them space in view of the “novelty”, to feed egos and messianic delusions that today we have to pay dearly.”

From comrades in Chile

The eco-fascist and nihilist-right groupscule ITS Mexico, which originated from individualist and anti-technology ideas and which has begun attacking and threatening anarchists in Mexico and elsewhere, has established itself as an irrationalist authoritarian tendency, carrying out reactionary and repressive actions designed to inflict injuries and deaths against random individuals in the name of their religious concept, Wild Nature. In their exhortations to this sacred ideal, their militants have built a Church of ideological purity, repenting of their anarchy and gathering unto themselves an ultra-moralistic and sycophantic internet choir of shit-talkers, fakes and show-offs. Continue reading

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Galway, Ireland: Church totally destroyed

A church in the remote village of Errislannan in Clifden, Co. Galway was absolutely destroyed last night by iconoclastic vandals. It’s seen by moralistic enforcers as “an act of persecution against all Christians”. The damage included the church bible being thrown through a window, the pulpit being split in two, the altar rail completely ripped from its fixings and thrown through the east window of the church and all lights being smashed. As well as this, and perhaps most damaging of all, was the church organ being smashed beyond repair.

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Meanwhile in ‘molotov mad’ Bahrain… Cop gets proper burned!

Bahrain has been in open insurrection since 2011, with protests and molotov attacks on cops a daily occurrence. Many have been killed and hundreds of others have been injured, and thousands of people die in prison in the state where they are tortured, all supported and supplied by Western countries, while the state security forces are being trained by British cops. A few days ago some hooded ones got some much needed vengeance on an armed cop who was set a blaze.

More inspiring attack by Bahrain’s revolutionary youth below: Continue reading

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International call for antispeciesm actions

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