Major riot at Winson Green prison! Worst disorder since Strangeways!

'Stormtroopers' prepare to enter as smoke billows from the fires in the prison.

‘Stormtroopers’ prepare to enter as smoke billows from the fires in the prison.

Last night a full scale riot escalated at HMP Birmingham, better known locally as Winson Green, continuing for 12 hours as several riot cop units were unable to contain the escalating rebellion. The outbreak of rage began when some inmates broke lights and grabbed fire hoses in the prison’s N Wing. The screws moved in to lock prisoners back in their cells while the fracas was contained, prisoners overpowered a screw, took his keys and started unlocking the cells. Screws were forced to flee after the rioters numbering 600 cut through chains and burned documents in the worst prison disorder for more than 20 years. Internal connecting security gates were left chained to prevent rioters taking control of the whole prison, but it was not enough to stop the rebellion spreading. Prisoners used stolen equipment to cut through the chains. Within a short time four wings – said to be L, M, N and P – fell under the control of the rioters, who also broke into the security store, pharmacy and gym.  Prison owners scumbag G4S had to admit defeat and handed over control of the jail to the Ministry of Justice. Specialist response ‘Tornado’ teams were sent in to try to restore order as fires broke out and inmates chanted ‘war cries’ which could be heard outside. Continue reading

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London: Mob of 30 wild youth attack two Met cops


A cop was beaten to the ground and another punched in the jaw in an attack by a mob of up to 30 uncontrollables in south London. The two cops were on routine patrol in Lewisham when they were set upon by the group of teenagers after they alleged seeing a youth trying to hide a large knife. The attack took place at 4pm on Wednesday November 9 on Goodwood Road near the junction with New Cross Road. After trying to search the youth, one of the feds was punched in the face several times by some of the other youths, causing him to fall to the ground. When the second fed stepped in to help her colleague she was punched in the jaw. The gang continued to attack the cop on the floor by repeatedly kicking him in the head, leaving him with serious bruising.

The kids didn’t want the feds in their lives!

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Edinburgh: 25 cars vandalised across city in one night

Twenty five cars have been vandalised in one night across the north of the city of Edinburgh. The attacks, which occurred overnight (14th Nov), took place in Granton, Boswall, Trinity and Hawthornvale. The cars targeted all had their windows smashed or had attempts made to smash them, some say that the number could be higher as some attacks may have not been reported. The usual snitch process has been initiated in the areas by the local cops in a poor attempt to find the vandals.

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HMP Moorland: Prisoners smash up cells as riot cops raid the prison

Riot cops have stormed another prison to quell another disturbance, the state has confirmed panicking about the surge in rebellion in the prison island, only two weeks after as many as 200 prisoners were involved in a riot at Bedford prison. Inmates smashed up 36 cells in the action at HMP Moorland causing fire and water damage in one of the wings. The Ministry of ‘Repression’ confirmed that its Tornado team, which is used to quell riots in British prisons, had been ordered into HMP Moorland, near Doncaster – a category C prison, and put down the riot involving about 10 prisoners in the early hours of Monday. The scum media say some prisoners had been removed from the wing but was unable to say exactly how many.

Two weeks ago, the state was forced to launch an investigation after a riot at Bedford Prison that took the bastards in blue six hours to bring under control.  A “continued surge in violence and unprecedented levels of suicide and acts of self-harm … demonstrate that the service is in meltdown”.

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Meanwhile in Anarchist Greece… Obama is ‘welcomed!’

Outgoing overlord Obama’s visit to Greece did not go as planned, with anarchists in Athens welcoming the warmonger with three nights of rioting that led into the anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising. The Uprising in 1973 was a series of rioting that was put down brutally by the military junta which had been installed by the CIA just like many countries at the time that suffered the same fate. The Uprising led to the downfall of the junta and protests are marked with hatred towards the USA. This years riots were fueled in intensity by the visit of Obama, with rioting for many hours in Thessaloniki the second city of Greece and other cities.

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South Shields, Tyneside: Anarchist arson of council vehicle

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An anonymous person (anarchist) set fire to a council vehicle in Pine Avenue, South Shields (Tyneside) in the early hours of Wednesday 9th November 2016. There was no media coverage at all of this fire.

This van was set alight as a direct attack against the council, local authority and councilors to cause disruption and cost money. The normal working class person in the U.K. is getting poorer each month and finding it harder to survive, meanwhile the rich fat cat councilors get richer by means of parking tickets, fines for dropping litter, putting a bin out at the wrong time and other so called offences.

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Staffordshire: Amazon scum ‘workhouse’ torched

_92421922_de27-1One of Amazon’s (notorious workhouse conditions and global capitalist scum) main UK warehouses has been damaged in an arson. The fire at the 700,000 sq ft depot in Rugeley, Staffordshire, which started in the late hours of 13th November, was contained to a second floor area where orders are picked. There was damage to racking and the internet retailer’s stock – mainly clothing. The slave galley has had to be shut down and caused disruption to the rest of the network the national media slime is reporting.

Obviously the drones were not happy being slaves anymore!

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Salisbury: Four car dealerships go up in flames



Four separate car dealerships were hit by arson attacks in the Salisbury area. Two Ford dealerships were attacked as well as independent dealers. According to the scumbag local media, in all four attacks cars were utterly engulfed by placing a flammable device under the wheel arch which made the cars set on fire quickly.

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How to Burn Cars

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How to Burn Cars

The cars of the wealthy classes, the corporations and the state are the fuel of our urban barricades and the flame of our international solidarity. Using simple, easy to reproduce methods we cause chaos, in an act of social war against the capitalist system and consumer culture. Class insurrection against the prison society.

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HMP Pentonville: Two prisoners escape using cutting equipment & mannequins


It is with great humor that we report that two prisoners at Pentonville prison in London have broken out yesterday night in an escalating series of events in the prison island. The inmates totally fooled the screws on duty that night by using pillows to make mannequins to impersonate themselves, then used a diamond-tipped cutting machine (most likely sneaked in by drone*) to cut the metal bars and scaled the wall by using the classic method of tying bed sheets together to make a rope.

The latest development emerged after a riot at another prison, HMP Bedford, on Sunday, which was put down after a six hour assault by cops. Two hundred prisoners have had to be transferred after they made the prison inhabitable.


* Remote controlled drones are used to sneak illegal items into prisoners up and down the prison island.

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