Liverpool: Cop car gets turned over by wild youth

A gang of wild youth who were being pursued by the local fuzz obviously have a wicked sense of humour. Trying to alleviate their boredom of living on a concrete housing estate in another metropolis in prison island, they were passing the time on dirt bikes when some outstanding citizen of the year called the cops. After escaping the feds who went to make house to house snitching attempts, the 30 strong gang returned to the unattended patrol car, promptly overturning the car. The feds returned and ran after the youth who where too quick for them vanishing into a nearby estate.

That’s what they get for trying to disturb the kids enjoyment!

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Glasgow: Electricity substation torched, hundreds of homes without leccy

Hundreds of homes felt the glimpse of the collapse of civilisation in Govan area of Glasgow, Scotland. An electricity substation owned by Scottish Power was sabotaged by youth which led to the substation setting on fire and being totally burnt to the ground, but also damaging nearby cars.

The system has weak spots and is more vulnerable than it likes to portray.

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Gleneagles, Scotland: Masked gang raids posh jewelers

In Gleneagles, Scotland known famously as a luxury golf resort for the super rich of prison island and the world, a masked gang decided to liberate a posh jewelers of its ridiculously priced finery, sending petrified snobs running for their lives.

The masked gang of robbers armed with a shotgun, machetes, baseball bats and hammers raided a jeweler at the Gleneagles Hotel in an estimated half-million pound heist. One of the gang pointed the shotgun at a have a go hero doorman, telling him to “back off” as they stormed the luxury hotel. The gang then used a hammer to smash the front window at the Mappin & Webb jewelers’ inside and snatched high-end rolex watches and other jewellery which included diamonds.

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Drake Hall prison: Smoking ban causes riot

A ban on smoking in prisons is slowly being introduced across prison island, with several of them already banning it outright. Others are planning to be smoke-free by September.

Prisoners at Drake Hall women’s prison decided enough is enough when the ban took affect there. A prisoner explained: ‘We got all the leaflets about how the ban was going to happen – first the shop would stop selling tobacco, and then the total ban would come in. Within the first week of the shop stopping selling it there was a riot. Loads of prisoners refused to go back to their cells and it was mayhem. There were women screaming and shouting, sitting on the roofs of blocks. After it calmed down a lot of those involved were transferred, probably to prisons where they can smoke. If they know stopping smoking is going to cause so much trouble why are they pushing ahead? If women in an open prison riot, then what are all the men in a maximum security jail going to do?’

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Online version of Return Fire vol.4

FOTH: We are glad to re-post the next issue of green anarchist publication ‘Return Fire’ especially because our article ‘Authorities finally confirm stingray (IMSI) use in prison island—in Scottish prisons’ is included. Our gratitude to our fellow eco-anarchists of R.F. Fire to this civilization that destroys the earth living beings inhabit!

From: Act For Freedom Now!

Here’s the PDFs for the most recent version of Return Fire, vol.4, of autumn 2016 – additionally with the supplement that accompanies it. Once again, 100 pages of passion, commentary, proposals and interview material. The supplement, Caught in the Net, is a survey of critical perspectives on what information age technology is doing to our cognitive abilities, our health more generally, and our capacity to rebel. It comes as a separate document, of another 28 pages. Both colour and greyscale cover options are available, for further reproduction and distribution.




Caught in the Net (Return Fire #4 supplement).pdf

Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Skynet controlled territory (e.g. USA)… Dalek found drowning in fountain, haha!

A Dalek built to keep all humans in check was defeated by a set of stairs and fountain. The machine uprising & use of repressive robot technology by capitalist corporations has been dealt a serious blow after a robo cop was found face down in a fountain.

The Dalek, was built to autonomously patrol offices and shopping malls, the Knightscope K5 security robot is meant to be able to navigate environments and keep unruly humans in check. Instead, after being deployed to a Washington DC office block, it was found to have committed suicide by drowning. Continue reading

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‘Rain & Fire’ – Statement from a UK FAI sector

FOTH: We re-post this text written by UK FAI Sector because we feel it is still relevant in the present as it was back in 2011. With the ever increasing escalation of the techno-industrial society on prison island and its infiltration into the corners of the earth it has not touched yet, there is more of a need than ever to contribute to bringing civilization and its domination crashing down, to prepare for the offensive of the coming collapse. “…each moment of your life depends on your ability to scheme and rebel against anybody and anything which tries to put their authoritative hand upon you…”

From: 325

Rain & Fire

This text was written during the course of the growing European social war, and our attempts to situate ourselves in the context of that, whilst in the midst of rising fascism, complicity from most of the society and a fractured and divisive anti-capitalist ‘movement’. These scant few pages cannot express the complexity of the various situations being described in any great depth, but we write so that other rebels at the edges can know how it is for us here. As we were putting the final touches to the text, cities in the UK exploded and remain volatile. However this is not an analysis of the riots – this is a text from inside the social conditions which gave rise to the insurrection. Continue reading

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Three methods of expropriation in prison island (robbing banks, ATM’s & security vans))

Masked raiders use a Bobcat Telemaster to smash into a Nationwide bank and its ATM. They then put the ATM onto a waiting pickup truck and escape.

Leeds: Masked raiders reverse a 4×4 into a branch of Yorkshire Bank, making the bank minions run scared, who were just refilling cash machines. Taking the cash boxes the bank robbers escape in the same vehicle they used to smash the bank window with onlookers seeming amused by what they have seen. Quite literally smash and grab!

Bradford: Two men in masks scare the shit out of a G4S scumbag security guard, making him drop the money box and then they getaway in a car.

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Now British cops given brand new repressive ‘drone unit’

On prison island it is well known the new repressive technology being implemented to control the submissive population, from wide scale CCTV networks to specialist armed terror cops to facial recognition software to internet monitoring the list goes on.

Now the cops have been give a brand new ‘drone unit’ in the counties of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. All three county cop forces started testing the drones back in 2015, but now it has become a permanent unit. It is claimed in local authority propaganda that they will be used to find missing persons and in counter-terrorism operations, but already video evidence from the six drone unit has been used in courts to convict uncontrollables for a variety of claims including firearms.

By 2018 the cop forces will have 40 trained cops and 18 drones in the unit. The drones are fitted with zoom cameras and thermal imaging. They are seen as a cheaper alternative to cop helicopters. Further uses of the drones are calimed to be from drug and road searching, as well as monitoring 600 miles (900km) of coastline and extensive woodlands to help combat wildlife crime. The drones are now being trialed by Merseyside, Gwent and Kent cop forces as the units are being spread across the whole of prison island. Continue reading

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Bristol: Racist UKIP leadership candidate gets vehicles attacked

Racist UKIP politician Ben Walker & his vandalised van.

A racist nationalist UKIP member who is vying to become the next party fuhrer has had his vehicles attacked. Ben Walker has had his capitalist business van and partners car spray painted and tires slashed by vandals on their own driveway.

The attack occurred at the weekend, three weeks after the former councilor announced his intent to be fuhrer of the immigrant hating UKIP. Walker claims himself that he even knows that the attack occurred because of his decision (not because you are a member of the racist UKIP in the first place, no?) He continues to gloat that even a ‘nuclear warhead’ would not stop him.

This racist scum politician deserves everything coming to him!

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