Because it all starts in school, start by setting fire to your own school today (Hurry, there won’t be enough for everyone)

From: 325

This world is shit. It’s not the first nor the last time that this will be said. Down with the state, work, citizenship, the spectacle, the stupefication of mass, the surveillance of spaces and thoughts, the standardization of everything, behaviors, relations, the lock-ups, the generalization of the means of control, of surveillance, of repression (etc, etc…) If you’re there, that’s what exists, among so many other state horrors, SCHOOL, national education, the institution of being a student. The school, along with the family, is the cement of our best of worlds.

School, a fundamental requirement.. School, it’s compulsory, in fact. Here we are, almost all of us have been through it. For more or less long times and in different establishments, but here we are, nearly all of us have been through it. Ghetto schools, elite schools. They’re wonderful these basic facts of school. The guardian state dispensing freely, for all and in equitable fashion, wise and all knowing. The elementary knowledge to all and each, the basis for knowing, the necessary know-how for living in the city, the particular useful things, the things that are worth more to know how to do, speak, shut-up if you want to get out of it. The particular things that you are interested in understanding, if you don’t want to die too alone, too poor and not totally depressed. The essential things to a life in society, to a life like those who teach it to you, all of which you should know in order to manage for the better the way you are screwed. Read — the verdict — Write — inside the boxes — Count — the number of years that remain for you to endure. The ways of being, of bearing as serenely as possible, your slavery. The modes of (non) thought adapted to this stupid joke: your rotten condition.

The schools, molds for hordes of neurotic citizens and devotees who, like those who came before, assure and defend with passion and conviction the survival and the perennialness of (those who have made that which is) this world. The school makes it very easy for the cops, advertisers and other cynical, deceitful bastards. The school fabricates cops, advertisers and other deceitful, cynical bastards. The values of the school are those of the hated society: work, competition, performance, pridefulness, ambition, submission, obedience, collaboration, snitching… (etc, etc) Carrot, stick, efficacious results. Continue reading

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HMP Isle of Wight: Prisoners in 13 hour roof stand-off

Two prisoners at Isle of Wight prison managed to climb on top of the roof of their wing in Newport on Tuesday in the middle of the day. The stand-off lasted more than 13 hours with the prisoners protesting at their conditions of parole. At the same prison last year an inmate slashed a screws throat.

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Racist Met cops to use facial recognition software at Notting Hill carnival

If couldn’t get any worse in belly of the beast that is London, with the racist tactics of the Met cops, gentrification of areas to push the excluded out of the city, tower blocks burning hundreds more to death for profit, racial profiling of anyone from certain areas of the city, constant so called war against members of ‘criminal gangs’, stop and search that only targets people of a certain background, which has led to the death of countless people at the hands of the Met murderers. Now they will scan festival goers faces at Notting Hill carnival, in a blatant attack upon the African-Carribean population of the city.

Notting Hill carnival is one of the biggest European street festivals and began in 1966, bringing people from many different backgrounds together celebrating Carribean culture. Back in 1956 the Notting Hill area was the scene of attacks upon African-Carribeans for several nights in August by  white teddy boys influenced by fascists such as Oswald Mosleys Union Movement and other white racist groups such as the White Defence League (seem familiar?) The carnival since has been seen as a reaction to the racial riots and its beginning has been constantly harassed by the authorities and cops because the organisers refused to co-operate with them. Due to the cops not wanting the festival to take place there has been heavy policing of the event, disorder and riots at different times since. Notably in 1976 there was a full scale riot after cops violently attacked a crowd of people they suspected of being pickpockets, the violence led to a full day of rioting as the cops tried to shut down the carnival. In 2008 the Carnival was hit by rioting right at the very end of the weekend, involving large numbers of youths and injuries to cops. Mainstream scum media outlets recorded footage of the violence, which was subsequently used in video evidence in court, a large amount of the approximately 500 youths who were arrested were prosecuted because of this evidence. In 2011 the Carnival was cancelled because the authorities feared it would turn to violence soon after the August riots that had spread across the country.

Continue reading

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The Telescope or the Kaleidoscope: A Critique of the ELF

Aftermath of an ELF arson attack at a 4×4 dealership in California in 2003.

From: War On Society

(a critical individual’s proposal for a diffused offensive attack)

“Our lives are at stake and we will not renounce any weapon that we can use as our own.”
– Anonymous

In regards to the brief history of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), an organization which has brought much inspiration to the North American context and drawn significant media attention, I would like to present a few points in order to critique, clarify and highlight the ways the ELF can be understood as a methodology instead of as an ideology. At the end of this piece, a proposal is drawn out for anarchists to develop their own actions separately in cells, groups or any informal structure they see fit whether or not these are aligned with the “ELF guidelines”.

Obviously this is something that is difficult, because on the one hand the ELF does exist as an organization but is also made up of many dispersed cells and individuals. So the critique will follow the ELF guidelines and not critique the individuals themselves. Continue reading

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Earth Liberation Front – Igniting a Revolution

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Belfast: Rioters burn building and attack cops with petrol bombs

Belfast erupted in rioting last night as youth attacked the scum PNSI (replacement for the much hated RUC, to try give them a so called more human face, yeah right!) with petrol bombs, bricks and bottles being thrown at riot units and their anti-riot vehicles.

The trouble started after the city council removed material intended to be burned in bonfires at anti-internment protests. Bonfires are traditionally lit in some republican areas to mark the anniversary of the introduction of interment – detention without trial – on 9 August 1971 to combat uncontrollable rioters including youth and also members of the IRA. Sinn Fein and the old IRA had stopped the bonfires, but the recent dissident IRA groups who are critical of the peace process, the old groups and Sinn Fein’s participation in the local government, have revived the tradition.

During the night of rioting the Credit Union office building in the Lower Falls area was torched and surrounded by a large gang. The youths torched the building in the Divis area of the city on Monday evening in disturbances linked to the bonfire dispute. Masked youths also tried to hijack a number of buses travelling along the Falls Road resulting in transport services being suspended in the city. There were also reports that the violence has also spread to the republican New Lodge district in the north of the city. Up to 20 cars were vandalised, with at least two vehicles set on fire during the disorder which lasted several hours. Continue reading

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Two examples of attacks on cops around prison island

Plymouth: Homeless man goes on cop station attack spree around the country

A homeless man who goes around cities on prison island smashing cop station windows was unfortunately arrested after he attacked Charles Cross cop shop in Plymouth, smashing the front window of the front office. The man had previously attacked cop stations in Leicester and Cheltenham.

Castleford: Cops get their vehicle tyres slashed

Vandals slashed tyres of a cop van while cops were executing a search warrant in Castleford on Wednesday. When they exited the building, the feds found two of the vehicles tyres had been slashed, and an eggs had been thrown at its windscreen.

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Derby: Two raids on ATM’s using heavy machinery

Two raids on ATM’s using a telehandler have occurred in Derbyshire.

The first incident, on Wednesday, August 2, took place at a Co-operative store in Kings Bromley. A masked gang attempted to steal an ATM machine using a JCB machine but were disturbed by cops. The JCB, which was stolen from a farm and had a telescopic handling arm for lifting heavy items, was left wedged in the side of the building and the gang fled in waiting vehicles.

In the second raid in Hatton, a stolen telehandler was used to steal a cash machine from a supermarket, with one raider throwing a metal bar at cops who tried to arrest them. The local feds were called to a Nisa supermarket, Thursday, August 3, as local snitches saw a vehicle, which had a telescopic arm, dragging a cash machine from the wall. The raiders put the machine in a trailer being pulled by a 4×4 before escaping.

So much for SmartWater stopping the ATM raids!

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Scumbag Co-op to arm ATM’s with ‘SmartWater’

In a bid to stop ATM raiders in their tracks the scumbag Co-op bank are fitting all their ATM’s with SmartWater to fight back against expropriation from their greedily gathered loot from the excluded on prison island.

SmartWater is an invisible traceable gel that stays on clothes and skin when triggered, boasted to be impossible to remove, guaranteed to last five years. The repressive forensic technology company SmartWater was founded and the gel invented by a West Midlands cop Phil Cleary and his scumbag chemist brother Mike. The technology has been used already to target posh properties, infrastructure and businesses in London, to prevent burglaries of the ridiculously rich echelons of society. The gel is invisible to the naked eye, but even a speck of the gel can be detected when someone passes under a UV light which have now been installed in most cop shops and prisons in the country, a routine procedure in these repressive institutions. SmartWater has adapted the technology to prevent raiders who attack ATMs, that any cash they manage to steal, are marked with the water-based gel.

ATM raids have been on the rise on prison island in the last decade, a tactic imported from mainland fortress Europe. The methods of raiding the ATM’s are listed below:

  • Gas attack – one gas is piped into the machine, then another, using cylinders and pipes, the combining gases result in an explosion when reacting together.
  • ATM raids involving a saw or angle grinder are most common in the north-west.
  • Black box attacks occur more in London, it involves a device being fitted to cash machines that causes them to dispense all their cash.
  • Another common method of attack involves raiders trying to break an ATM by smashing heavy machinery such as a digger into the ATM.
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The Daily Beep

Beep, when we get on the metro with our transit pass. Beep when we enter our workplace. Beep when we check out at a university or school cafeteria (where sometimes, instead of a card, we use our palm prints). Beep when we got to the library. Beep when we enter our building.

When we aren’t beeping, we’re typing away on our smartphones, our tablets, or on a computer keyboard. Not a second of the day passes without interacting with these technologies, that have taken the place of face to face interactions, leaving us with virtual contact by social network, and in reality, each in our cold solitude.

We’ve almost forgotten that when we want to talk with someone, we can got to their place and knock on the door. We’ve almost forgotten what it means to communicate in person, with emotions, laughter, or anger that can be read on our faces, in the tone of our voice, or in the trembling of our hands. We’ve almost forgotten that not so long ago these machines weren’t part of our lives, that we weren’t closed into these digital worlds that take more and more control over our days, that people lived, loved, communicated, and kept up to date on the news without these invasive technologies.

Sometimes in the metro, we feel like intruders, as one of those rare individuals not absorbed by their little screen and headphones, oblivious to the people around them. By folding in on ourselves in this way, we don’t even notice how society is changed by these technologies. For instance, in jail, in school, on the borders, and in some workplaces, biometrics are now routine (fingerprints, shape of the hand, facial features, the network of ocular veins…). We will have to be creative to counter systems of control that are so omnipresent in our lives and whose work is made easier by the new Secure Electronic Identity database, that will be a centralized depository of biometric data on everyone with a passport or a national identity card. And add to this the cameras in the streets, the GPS in smartphones and cars, electronic monitor bracelets, and a swarm of other machines just waiting to be launched in this lucrative market.

The walls close in little by little, with everyone more or less accepting this overarching policing in their daily lives. We even forget that it won’t kill us to unplug (not even socially) and that the celebrated “neutrality” of technology doesn’t exist; we have already forgotten our ways of interacting, communicating, and thinking. Most of us are reduced to serving machines, fundamentally alienated in every sphere of life.

And if we relearned how to live without these machines? What if we cut the virtual cord and reconnected with each other, weaving complicities in person to fill the void created by our atomisation? We could reconnect with time, space, and each other, everything that the cold interaction with machines has pushed to the background.

What if we openly blaspheme against the religion of connectivity? What if we storm this much-vaunted technological heaven, but that seems more like a science-fiction nightmare?

What if we destroy the machines…

– from the second issue of Blasphegme, pasted up around Paris in December 2016

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