Sheffield: PCSO’s attacked with stones

Two PCSO’s* have been attacked and injured by youths on a Sheffield housing estate. The Shiregreen has been labelled as an unruly area as gangs of youth have been known to attack cop cars and PCSO’s before. The two PCSO’s were attacked while on patrol as two youth threw stones at them, even injuring one cop in the eye. The local cop authorities are trying there usual repressive technique of snitching in the local area, nicknamed ‘shop a yob.’**

PCSO’s your a joke!

*Police Community Support Officer, volunteer plastic cops that have been given lower powers, such as issuing fines, local patrolling, detaining a suspect, enforcing dispersal disorders, they can’t ‘stop and search’, arrest or carry handcuffs and weapons, other major cop powers.

**A popular cop tactic that involves sticking photos of wanted people in local media scum outlets to get the local community to snitch on them, hence ‘shop a yob.’ Widely used after the August 2011 riots around the island, even involving big screens in city centres and trucks with billboards, increasingly being used ever since. SNITCHES GET STITCHES!

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