Manchester: Graffiti gang in spraying spree across city’s transport network


Manchester’s most prolific gang of graffiti taggers who targeted trams and trains for many years has been brought down after causing damage worth £123,000 across the local network.

The spray-paint crew were responsible for 125 attacks on trains and trams, often vaulting fences and taunting guards as they ran across rail lines to tag trains. Using bolt-cutters to get into train and tram depots across Manchester, the gang filmed their tagging attacks using GoPro stunt cameras. They even tagged a train with passengers still on board as it made a stop at a station in broad daylight.

The gang members used the tags TSR and BMS. The five spray-painters, who were as young as 14 when they started their spree, took pride in their raids and shouted ‘f*** the BTP’ as they graffiti-bombed trains.

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