HMP Moorland: Prisoners smash up cells as riot cops raid the prison

Riot cops have stormed another prison to quell another disturbance, the state has confirmed panicking about the surge in rebellion in the prison island, only two weeks after as many as 200 prisoners were involved in a riot at Bedford prison. Inmates smashed up 36 cells in the action at HMP Moorland causing fire and water damage in one of the wings. The Ministry of ‘Repression’ confirmed that its Tornado team, which is used to quell riots in British prisons, had been ordered into HMP Moorland, near Doncaster – a category C prison, and put down the riot involving about 10 prisoners in the early hours of Monday. The scum media say some prisoners had been removed from the wing but was unable to say exactly how many.

Two weeks ago, the state was forced to launch an investigation after a riot at Bedford Prison that took the bastards in blue six hours to bring under control.  A “continued surge in violence and unprecedented levels of suicide and acts of self-harm … demonstrate that the service is in meltdown”.

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