Tis’ the season to vandalise Christmas


Somerset: ‘Scrooge’ vandals cut Christmas lights and wreck Christmas tree

Vandals have attacked a Christmas tree and damaged its lights in the historic centre of Wells, sparking outrage. Lights on the tree in the Conduit in Market Place which forms part of the city’s festive display were torn apart and yanked with force – breaking the top of the tree.

Somerset: Gang of youths celebrate ‘Capitalism Day’ in their own way!

A gang of youths have vandalised the local Christmas lights in Wellington, Somerset. The gang wearing dark hooded clothing cut through wires to extinguish a symbol of ‘Capitalism Day.’ They then went on to egg houses in the local area to add their own joy at this time of year.

Southport: Vandals ‘switch off’ Christmas tree lights

Christmas lights on a main street in Sothport, Mersyside,  have been struck by vandals. It is believed that wires running up into the tree lights have been cut leaving them with no power. The white lights wrapped round the tree branches that line Lord Street were only turned the day before.

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