The new repressive face of riot control!

Meet the repressive new anti-riot vehicle that weighs 18 tonnes, is equipped with water cannon and gas canisters, and is apparently designed to stop rioters in their tracks. The ‘Bozena Riot’, which is made in Slovakia, is engineered to hide scared cops from ‘football hooligans, violent mobs, and aggressive political protesters.’  It can hide up to 38 riot cops behind its 24ft main shield, which is bullet and fire-proof, and can be expanded or retracted to fit down different sized streets. The shield also has weapon ports which allow killer cops to fire rubber bullets, smoke or gas grenades, or live guns at their victims.

Weapon ports for the killer cops to shoot down rioters.

The three-tonne barrier is capable of withstanding the pressure of 100 rioters rushing against it, but can also be lifted to allow cops out or those needing running away from the mob inside. The top of the barrier is decked out with high-powered lights, flashing lights, an array of cameras and recording equipment, and a loudspeaker. Only one cop is needed to control the vehicle remotely using cameras for guidance, or drive it from inside a cab protected by bullet-proof armour plating and glass. A raised platform can also be mounted with a water cannon controlled by cops from behind another shield, and gas canister launchers that can quickly cover a 10m area in front of the vehicle with gas. Two spotlights can also be fitted to the platform, allowing the feds to pinpoint specific rioters in a mob. Meanwhile an optional water trailer can be fitted with a second water cannon facing backwards, allowing cops to fend off attacks from the rear, or extinguish molotovs and incendiaries thrown over the main shield.

The development and implementation of such repressive anti-riot technology shows the preemptive moves by states to counter future outbreaks of rioting and insurrection that are on the horizon. Expect to see this mechanized monsters on a street near you at the next outbreak of rioting. We are sure the new Iron Lady Teresa May will be interested in using such technology as she cried out for existing riot control methods such as plastic bullets, tear gas and water cannon to be used during the 2011 riots.

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