Cardiff prison: Makeshift bomb made by inmates

Four prisoners have been arrested after an explosive device was discovered at a prison in Cardiff, Wales. A plastic bottle containing a highly unstable liquid erupted and slid across the floor. The bomb was made from tea/coffee whiteners from the prison canteen which are highly flammable.

A so called expert at the local academic bastion of privilege (Cardiff University) tells how coffee and tea whiteners can be turned into explosives if set alight.
“Any very finely divided organic powder like coffee and tea whiteners is combustible and can really burn quite quickly. The smaller the particles the more likely they are to burn and if they burn quickly enough they can cause an explosion. It’s the same with tiny grains of flour, custard powder and coal dust which was a major cause of explosions in coal mines.”(FOTH: always good to know!)

The authorities fear that the explosive could have been used in an attempt to take over the prison, due to the dwindling number of screws in the prison.

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