‘Darko Mathers was not an Eco-Fascist’ by L

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“Indiscriminate violence by individuals tormented by social reality is becoming more common, rocks off overpasses, murder sprees, random ultraviolence – and shows the alienated and hopeless rage of imprisoned beings. In this existential absence others smile, arm their conscience and go into revolution. Some would rather aim their rage at those who are most responsible for their misery and at the infrastructure of the system they hate.”
“We participate in the social/class war as rebellious individuals with an interest in going beyond – forward into permanent revolt, anarchic revolution.”

Darko Mathers
Our Vessel is Revolution, Our Guiding Star is Anarchy

It’s been three years since my close friend and comrade Darko Mathers died, the last time I saw him we finished the collection of texts against civil anarchism and shortly after he was dead. It was not a shock to me. Many of my friends are dead or have gone to prison and as I’ve gotten older I value my experiences of them and our shared memories much more as those remembrances deepened and so I began living differently. I respect my memories of this young comrade and I strive against the conditions of his death.

When a dear friend and comrade dies suddenly, it causes all kinds of grief to happen, a lot of it can seem totally anti-social, those left behind often argue among themselves, depart, breakdown, problems occur, some sweetnesses too. In the end what remains are the fleeting traces in time, which reflect forwards into the future and back into the past, that the individual has left with those close and not so close ones.

My experience of Darko Mathers was him as a warm, lovely young man, who was self-taught in his philosopy and dialectics, nihilist-anarchist and a committed revolutionary, down-to-earth and who advocated the class/social war from a proletarian-egoist viewpoint. Like many of us, the first phase of Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS) interested and inspired him but at this stage ITS were nothing like they are now and were closer to a kind of eco-anarchism and carried out direct actions like the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts and expressed solidarity with anarchist prisoners like Luciano Tortuga in Chile.

If Darko lived longer than the short life he had, he would have had his own answers and would have gone on to do many great things, I’m sure. There was no chance of this as he was pulled by a self-destructive urge which eventually killed him, like it does to many others.

So I cannot speak for him as he is dead, but I will defend my memories of him from those proto-fascist fantasists who want to try to use his memory to disrupt the anarchist struggle which Darko identified with. It’s not going to happen, as that struggle was what made Darko his own person, it was his struggle against the world but that did not include hurting the average whoever on the street. In fact I remember many times when we would get into random situations in the street just because he was being friendly to someone he didn’t know. Random acts of kindness from a nihilist-anarchist, surely some mistake? Some say that all good deeds are not wasted, even if they end in fights.

Some moralising choir-boy of the Church of ITS Mexico who is on his euro-holiday of doom in Europe would like to bring his name into the public sphere to attract attention and stir up shit for Darko’s family and friends about a poisonous non-topic just to try to threaten us. This should be insight enough as to the psychology and character of this wee daftie. They want to convince people in other countries who never knew Darko, that he would be down for eco-fascism, random murder and glorifying in femicide just like they supposedly are now. All to fuel their jealously fantastical claims, threats and smears against an individual comrade and anarchist urban groups. Against a comrade who cannot defend himself because he is no longer alive. These are the typical actions of undercover cops, the extreme-right and attention-seeking dafties basking in their own arrogant egos. All of which the British State specialises in producing such good examples. Against decay we embody memory.

IO Chaos! She rides a chariot and tramples underfoot!



“And lo, Harkening to the choir-boys of the Church of ITS Mexico, they did make a wailing and a gnashing of teeth. Such was their tribulation that someone could bear to bring the sword of Saint Anarchy to smite against the oppression of the Church. And an earthquake doth yet come, lest the heavens shake with the woes of the Pope’s arrival.” Act II.

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