East London: 9 cops injured as youth throw bricks during rave riot


Scumoween rave riot last year in Lambeth.

Nine cops got the treatment they deserved as they tried to shut down a rave attended by thousands of people on a Barking industrial estate last Saturday night.

Revellers responded by hurling bricks at cops in riot gear and dog handlers in a five-hour battle that locals described as a “storm of people”. Youths demolished a wall to throw bricks at the pigs. Lots of the cops got head injuries, with even one seen walking away dazed with his head pouring blood.

Nine ravers were arrested as 1,000 people were evicted from the building while another 1,000 outside were dispersed.

One resident said: “We’d just got into bed when they turned up with a van and sound systems. We could hear the drum and bass music blaring out and saw a few people jump over the fence.”

The area was littered with broken bricks, bottles and cans, empty capsules of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) & several cars were smashed up during the disorder.

Last year at the annual Scumoween Halloween free party a riot broke out in Lambeth, South London, as the cops tried to close down with violence a free rave attended by hundreds and got the kicking they deserved back.

The potential for London to burn again is still there underneath the fake fabric of the calm city of London.

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