London: Riot cops battle with 700 youth at squat rave

The squat rave riots continued last Saturday night (30th Sept) with riot cops descending on a North London bingo hall as 700 youths turned the area into “a battlefield”.

The feds rushed to the old Mecca bingo hall on Burnt Oak Broadway after reports of an ‘illegal rave’ taking place. When they arrived at the scene, they found 500 ravers inside a squatted building, with 20 on the roof, and a group of around 200 outside the venue taking part in a “squat rave”.

Hundreds of people had gathered for the ‘Summer Skankout’, organised through Snapchat. As the feds tried to ‘quell tensions’, in other words try gatecrash the party, the ravers did not take kindly to their presence and began bombarding the cops with glass bottles. Locals reported hearing the cop helicopter throughout the night and several youths climbing on roofs to escape the law.

The building was emptied around 2.40am, there are thankfully no reports of any arrests being made, but unfortunately no cops were injured either.

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