Scotland: Rooftop protest at Rutherglen ‘children’s prison’

Two incarcerated teenage girls climbed on to the roof of a ‘children’s home’ (meaning prison!) on Monday in a protest. The girls, residents (prisoners!) of a Burnside ‘children’s prison’, climbed out of a window on to the roof at around 11am, but were coaxed down by firefighters about an hour later.

The cause of the protest remains unknown, the area surrounding the ‘prison’ came to a standstill when half a dozen cop cars and the fire brigade rushed to the scene.

One onlooker said: “The road was shut while the fire brigade were trying to get the girls down. They were running around the building and there’s quite a drop at the back.”

Inspire Scotland (screw scum!) which runs the facility, tried to play down rumours a fire had broken out. Further rumours state that the cops have to be called to the care ‘prison’ nearly everyday because of an outbreak of disorder.

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