Paris: Bus torched by a street gang brandishing molotovs

FOTH: We post this as an example of the attack that can break the passivity of the prison island.

A street gang in Paris hurled Molotov cocktails onto a bus, torching the vehicle during a riot against ‘police racism’. The masked men, who were protesting against ‘police racism’, stopped the 170 bus in the a northern suburb of Saint-Denis last week. The bus was brought to a halt after the gang blocked the road with bins before they started chucking bricks through its windows. The footage shows the gang throwing Molotov cocktails under and onto the bus, sparking a raging inferno.

The racist and fascist media are trying to blame the attack on Islamic extremists, instead, it was carried out by youths protesting following the death of Adama Traore, who died in the surrounding town of Beaumont-sur-Oise, 20 miles north of Paris, on July 19.
The fit and healthy 24-year-old was initially said to have died from ‘asphyxia’ while in a cop cell. The killers backed up by so called medical experts have meanwhile insisted that he had a ‘weak heart’, and the lies have led to protests and sporadic disorder in parts of France.

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