Newell prison: Riot breaks out on wing after prisoners refuse screws orders

The riot squads were sent into HMP Newell, near Redditch, Worcestershire, last Saturday night (22 July) to control an outbreak of disorder that took over one wing and in which one screw was injured. Men shouting and swearing, as well as banging and dogs barking, could be heard coming from the prison. Several loud quickfire bangs, thought to be distraction bursts being used by the prison authorities, were heard at the scene as the disorder continued. The riot ended shortly after the bangs were heard at around midnight. The riot started when a handful of prisoners were refusing to follow screws orders and had started damaging the wing. Prisoners had already been complaining to an inspection that communal areas are “dirty” and many cells over-crowded, with some described as “filthy”. The usual repression of increased sentences, transfers and isolation have been threatened against those inmates involved.

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