Cork: Screws car destroyed in petrol bomb attack

Two screws had their car targeted on Sept 16 in Blarney near Cork, Ireland when a petrol bomb was thrown through the windscreen that had been broken. The car which had been parked outside their house was totally destroyed. The attack on the screws is the third to occur in two years as a female screws car was attacked in a similar way back in May 2015. In the first incident, a pipe bomb was thrown into the woman’s car overnight but it failed to explode. Two weeks later, another pipe bomb was thrown at the car and it detonated, destroying the vehicle. No motive has been given by the cops, but it is common for attacks to occur on screws who have attacked prisoners inside. Blarney cop station was torched in an overnight arson attack in October 2008, forcing gardaí (cops) to move into temporary accommodation nearby. Eight months later, arsonists unsuccessfully targeted the temporary office.

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