Birmingham prison riot ‘instigators’ sentenced

In the court for 6 prisoners who have been accused as the ‘instigators’ it was heard that £6 million of damage was done in the 15 hour riot rampage at HMP Birmingham, that petrified the state and the private security scum firm G4S that runs the prison. All prisoners were sentenced for ‘mutiny’ and accused of starting a riot that led to 500 prisoners being let out with keys taken from a screw, leading to four wings being affected and ‘destruction on a grand scale.’

More details of the riot came out in the trial, that a prisoner snatched a set of keys from a screw while he was distracted. The loss of the keys triggered a rapid evacuation of the wing. The prisoners started unlocking the other prisoners, triggering a race against time to secure the jail. A single secured external gate leading to the main gatehouse stood between the inmates and a possible jail break at one stage, but the screws unfortunatly got to the gate in time. As the chaos spread, there was a lengthy standoff at the gate between riot squads on one side and prisoners armed with pool balls, paint pots and other makeshift weapons on the other.  A TV dropped from a window narrowly missed a screws head, and another  screw described pool balls bouncing off his helmet.

The scum national media have recently been boasting that the riot could have been longer and worse if it hadn’t been for the repression instigated by a specialist unit dubbed the ‘SAS’ of the prison system. The scum who put down the Winson Green riot are a secretive unit (out of fear of being revengefully targeted by ex-prisoners and terrorists) called the ‘National Tactical Response Group’ (NRTG) who are trained in a secret training facility in the countryside and are on the front line of every riot, hostage crisis and rooftop protest in jails, involved in leading the specially trained screws of the Tornado riot units. This elite unit is not surprising when the assassins of the SAS (anti-terror unit) were used in a violent attack on prisoners who rioted at Peterhead prison in 1987, ordered by the democratic dictator at the time, Thatcher.

The repression handed down by the vengeful state both with heavy sentences for mutiny and use of a secretive repression unit is an attempt to quell any fermenting prison rebellion on prison island. This is not clearly happening when there has been outbreaks of riots, protests and hostage situations since the Winson Green riot. Even a full scale riot broke out again at the same prison this year in September when inmates rioted because of the smoking ban that has been imposed nationally across the prison system.

No juridical puppets, assassin elite units and prison society can quell the mutiny that is the passion for freedom!

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