HMP Lincoln: Screw taken hostage and beaten as ‘riot spirals out of control’

As the heat starts to rise in prisons on the prison island, a prison guard was reportedly taken hostage and beaten by inmates after a riot broke out at a jail in Lincolnshire last Wednesday. (14th Sept) Riot cops were called to HMP Lincoln where prisoners were “going mad” and smashing up the building. Several security vans of scum Geoamey surrounded the prison and it’s understood that inmates have been moved.

An prisoner from C-Wing, who did not want to be named, called the local media claiming that three prisoners had taken a screw hostage and that there was an ongoing riot.

“They have got him in a cell – it’s a hostage situation. I heard them shouting ‘We’ve got him, we’ve got him’. They were punching him and kicking him – he was all red. Everyone’s rioting going mad. It started this morning. Three lads are trying to get up on the roof. They have been smashing up tables and a window was smashed. I can see them out my window. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A prisoner, who called a national media scum outlet, also confirmed there has been unrest among inmates after being ‘locked in their cells for three days’. The inmate, who did not want to be named, said that an incident had broken out between a younger prisoner and an officer, with tensions having carried on into the next day.

He said: “On Tuesday they were short staffed so we were locked up all day, then yesterday there was a training day and we weren’t allowed out and then today there’s been this. Some people have been kicking off and smashing the glass on their doors but the screws are just too frightened to go onto the wings.”

HMP Lincoln inmates have previously rioted and in 2002 set fire to parts of the building, seizing control of a least one wing. The disturbance was sparked when a prison officer was attacked by an inmate and a number of others jumped on the guard, assaulting him and dragging him into a cell before taking his keys. It took eight hours for the riot to be brought under control.

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