Mountjoy Prison: Five screws hospitalised after attacks by gangs

Five screws have been hospitalised following two separate attacks by gangs of inmates at Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, that left them with broken bones and teeth, as well as tendon and ligament damage.Both incidents occurred in St Patrick’s Institution, which is a facility for young offenders situated within the Mountjoy Prison complex, on Friday.

The first occurred at about 10am when, after cleaning out their cells, a group of 12 inmates was being returned to their cells as they had refused to take exercise in the yard.

During the first incident, there were two screws on a landing of the facility. One of the inmates lunged at the screw in charge.The other inmates then surrounded the two of them. The screw who was assisting the first screw intervened and pulled him away, but simultaneously the other inmates got involved. They came over the cage and attacked the two screws.

The second incident occurred at about 3.25pm and involved another group of 12 prisoners who were out of their cells for recreation in the exercise yard. This landing had two screws.

One of the inmates wanted to use the telephone before going to the yard. He was told he couldn’t access the phone as there were inmates from another group in the area, and, as he was part of a protection group, had to be kept isolated from them. He got aggressive and agitated about it. When he was on his way back to his cell, he pushed over one of the wheelie bins. A screw went over to him and as he got close to him, the inmate flung a chair at the screws face. The inmate then hit the screw across the side of the face with the chair and punched him to the face. Another screw went to his assistance and more were called to the landing. Part of the prison landing is covered in mesh so nobody can be thrown off it, but the 12 or 13 prisoners rushed over the top of it and went to attack the screws. The other prisoners were agitating and attacking as they went.

One screw suffered a broken hand as well as general injuries. Another received bruising to his hand, both legs, and his lower jaw, as well as damage to his teeth, and torn ligaments in his ankle.

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