(UPDATE) The Mount prison breaks out in riot again & now Erlestoke too

The Mount prison has broken out in riot again for a second day after another riot at the prison ended yesterday when riot cops were sent in. The latest disorder which ended 5pm today occurred when prisoners with weapons took over the Nash wing. The riot cops, specially trained unit called ‘Tornado’ were sent again less than 24 hours after restoring order the day before.

New trouble flared also at HMP Erlestoke today after riot cops had to be sent in where a year ago prisoners caused £1 million worth of damage to two wings of the prison. The previous disorder that took place in June of last year resulted in 130 prisoners being transferred out while the authorities claimed it was only minor damage caused. The truth to the riot is that it started according to inside info when three prisoners started kicking in doors, then the other prisoners started taking out their anger on the prison as well. In a week leading up to the riot there had been a rooftop protest and attacks on screws.

With an increasing prison population on prison island, less screws to keep them under control, the rising tide of shit conditions, increase in isolation, special prisons for those who rebel and now three riots within two days, there is a powder keg ready to go off in the prison system.

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