South London: Mini riot after riot cops try to break street party

Riot cops were attacked with fireworks last night as they tried to break up a 200 strong street party in South London. The riot started in Lambeth after the youth took exception to the cops turning up in riot gear, trying to end their fun. Dozens of riot cops were at the scene and the fed helicopter circled overhead for several hours. ‘Black Lives Matter’ chanting could also be heard from the crowd echoing the killing by cops recently of Rashan Charles and the riot that followed in London.

One local said “Basically there was a party, lots of people but seemed to be peaceful, for reasons unknown to me, something happened and bangs was heard, police arrived but was attacked with fireworks. They was then attacked as they attempted to move the crowd along with objects including glass bottles, plant pots (with the plants in them) and people running in and kicking them.”

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